The final release (12) Diary of the Remote Winter Games.

Saturday 07 March, 2015

I congratulate all the participants of the third Winter Games with the Remote their end and, in turn, thank you for the interesting experience that I get together with you by participating in them as a guide.

This year, the maturity of competitors has increased. One can see the visual change of the game many players. So if a year or two ago, those participants who somehow can send timely reports describing their reasons why they can not play, about what fell asleep, about the fact that there are no forces, etc. That this year - participants to play! Perform tasks games and saw the game of life consciousness in the sweepstakes.

Amazing discipline showed a lot of players who played for the first time in the remote game.

But those who did not play for the first time, learned to make the most of your stay in the Winter Games Remote tone.

These Remote Winter Games gave us the good news.

The Academy has its first graduate Lila - player Pearls!

The depth does not surrender,
If you are bright and clean ...
Leela Academy is an educational project aimed at training and awakening to play. Play - is the main principle of the Spiritual Awakening at the Oasis and training day is over and there is only a game.
Just once, the chicks should fly out of the nest and fly on their own ...
and Pearl, produced the game of consciousness in which to play on applying all their knowledge into practice.
With saytahttp: //
On the first graduates of the Academy of Lila, read the article here.
Well, all the participants who managed to complete the remote game has got me farewell to further the game, and in this issue, I would like to pay more attention to those who, for one reason or another could not end remote game.
First of all, do not be upset or even worse despise yourself to experience guilt and dissatisfaction.
We need to accept it as an interim stage of your awakening.
I remind you that you are in the Oasis of the Awakening and the methods that are used here are aimed at awakening consciousness through recollection of himself (not to be confused with medication, personal growth, success programs, etc.)
The awakening process requires players to spend a lot of time to myself, to direct attention inside. This process is sometimes very painful, so this process all the players can go exclusively voluntary.
Mayi forces strong and is the process of awakening rastyazhёnny in time, which is replaced by periods of sweet sleep and then again moments, sometimes painful awakening.
  At this point, some of you just only flinched, pulled leg rolled over, smacked his lips, spraying saliva, but there have not even opened the eyes, you still sweetly asleep, staying in the illusion of sleep, as in the present reality.
 But who wants it? Self Consciousness!
As long as your dancing dwarf his magic dance "Samsara" and you can not look away from the hypnotic fascination of this dance.
While the dwarf still reigns in your mind and the team ... you will not be time for yourself.
But sleep is not an eternal process, night follows day and again after the morning comes. No matter how pleasant or horrible was your sleep, awakening occurs.
I as a conductor KNOW that no one can actively awaken. Awakening is the internal process and it has to start from the readiness and maturity of awakening. And actively wake is only entitled to life itself!
Having been in many world centers of spiritual development and carefully watching the process of awakening of spiritual seekers, I can confirm that this process is not fast.
Yet, the awakening - a process that never stands still.
 Although it is well known that the process of spiritual evolution is slow, perhaps even in this incarnation your awakening process will enter into an active phase.
I recall that the first time I met with meditation at 23 in the city of Tomsk. Then, as a student at the Medical University and leading a very active lifestyle entertainment, I went to the weekly meeting of meditators at the time when they shared their experiences. Many of them said that their life has become more joyful that they have more energy.
I do not understand such statements at a time because they do not notice their suffering, while I was still asleep.
 But after 3 years, suddenly and rapidly changing geographic location data, the age of 26 in Vladivostok, I met again with meditation and in this time, not just sat and looked at the people involved in it, but tried ... because of this happened? Haha ... After 8 years at the age of about 33 years, I woke up :)
And at age 39 was enlightenment, and then in a year, I finally woke up!
What I want to say, I confirm all the texts, spiritual writings ... that everything that happens is a great game of Consciousness.
But it is important to understand that in this game there is only one player-consciousness.
One day, his grace descends on himself and it begins to free himself from the illusion that reigns due to ignorance.
When a person is ready to enlightenment he always have power.
You have to understand the specifics of Oasis Awakening ... is a place for those who are consciously ready for awakening. A consciousness awakens gradually ...
So, if you do not finish the game, just continue to be open. Cheer, approve of yourself and continue to gain the wisdom of all available and known to you the ways, and of course - Play!
Well, dear players, remote gaming Satvic energy flowed smoothly in your changes and transformations, and with awareness, with all the gifts collected by the players of the draws of life - has become a transfiguration of them, that occur at this time.
And now we traditionally hold a general meditation.
 This year, our meditation is contemplative and brooding character.
Open the front page of our website,
                                                              Link: Website Oasis Awakening
 sit out, turn on the music and the song Mantra Gate, looking at the main illustration, think about his way, where are you now, at what stage? Where are you going?
Repeating the words of the mantra, reduces your negative intelligence and thus makes invulnerable to any negative influences.
Once it becomes clear, and the path and about himself, cover his eyes and just be.
Let the music play, one can replace each composition, and ye in meditation for as long as you feel necessary. Then, when you want to finish the meditation, just slightly open eyes and having stayed for some time in silence, go into the game!

Our journey continues!

Life must be razmerivat as if you live there and a little much. Diogenes.
Play it!



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