Discipleship. Part 2.

Thursday 03 November, 2016

Bless all of their external circumstances.

If a student came in contact with a teacher, he entered into communion with all.

Before the eyes of Those Who brightened, can not be divisive pelёn. Heed all purity of

heart and realize how everything in the universe is connected as everywhere

there is a mutual responsibility.

To you prepare yourself from the high, the spiritual development of the creature, which can become an apprentice, you have to understand, accept and bless all of their external circumstances.

We must understand that the body and the surroundings are not the result of one of the present embodiments.

They always - Karma centuries. And none of the external circumstances can not be discarded willed order.

The harder you'd like to fling their way to certain people or the quality of a number of circumstances, the harder they will go after you, at least temporarily, did you throw them away or hide from them.

They form variables and again, sooner or later, will stand in front of you. Only the power of love can release the external and internal man's way, only one will make it a sad day in happiness shining creativity.

At the beginning of the spiritual development of each person feel that the talent of creativity - is detected outside the power of the spirit.

It does not take into account the great intangible gifts: humility, purity, love and happy, if they do not sound to him as useful earthly activities.

Only a long path in constant labor leads to recognition of purpose Eternal flying in every action of his spiritual and material creativity.

The order of appearance becomes a mere reflection of the internal order, in the same way as every thinking flowing creative impulse can not translate into action the day without a base of dialectical thinking.

The creative impulses of the student as a talented doctor, always living accuracy spiritual eye, leading directly to the intuition. But this intuition is not the fruit of a tiny research, and the synthesis of wisdom, awakening is not flowing in the moment; it is only the visible consequence of the many stresses of invisible creative name that Love.

Unleash the love and opportunities to achieve peace and to pour it just as kindness, in all cases, and the meeting can not be mental stress. Available watching his impulses, instability, skepticism or greed, can only lay the small trail, which eventually will move force, as the circulation of the new body.

Antarova K.E.




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