Note: A review how to use the section of the website - Home Page.

Tuesday 05 July, 2016

The main center of the page a symbolic illustration of the Path - "The mountain with the players and raffle"

On the right side of the main menu buttons.

On the left window with the announcement of the next event by clicking on which you can register (provided authorized access).

When Clicking on the main menu on the remote game, you will come to the forum (provided authorized access).

has a player with specially selected music tracks switch and the volume level at the top of the screen

On the home page can be accessed from any section, if you click on the Oasis logo (the sun with palm trees)

P.S. At Oasis Awakening website, organized a technology helpdesk.

For all matters related to the site (registration on the site, editing your personal profile, difficulties in carrying out any actions in your account, sending reports, use of materials personal account), as well as if you are having problems accessing the site, please contact technical support site.
State the problem in writing and mail to:



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