Current Rating "Open hearts" and "Transfer" 10.03.2015.

Wednesday 11 March, 2015

This life — the gold opportunity granted to us Supreme. 

However opportunity — this one, and achievement — this another. 

Our spiritual evolution, our internal progress is made very slowly, very gradually, and at the same time it is of huge importance. 

Of course, there are people who throughout hundreds and thousands of incarnations will follow a usual, natural cycle of the birth and death. 

Then, one fine day in God's Eternity, they realize God. 

But some sincere, real directed make the spiritualized promise that they realize God in this incarnation, here and now. 

They tell it in spite of the fact that know that it not their first life and not the last. They know that there are people who realized God and don't want to wait for any remote future incarnation. They feel that to live without understanding of God is useless, and want to reach it as soon as possible.  

If the edition the Oasis of Awakening of five books became one of important events of 2014, with Approach of 2015 in the Awakening Oasis (Academies Poured) the main event is start of the SITE which the house for players of Academy Lila on Internet open spaces is now.

It was already said about that all acting players of Academy Lila will undergo procedure of confirmation of the game levels.

It will concern and the Commands of the Oasis of Awakening executing KARMA-YOGU: "Open hearts and Transfer".

The Open Hearts and Transfer projects are designed for players who are capable to serve: To GIVE, SHARE.

It means that PLAYERS have to be filled with ENERGY, but to be more exact in a source of boundless energy which they as a matter of fact also can share infinitely.

It means that participants of these projects have to be in continuous meditation.

Meditation - is presence at a source.

Initially in the Open Hearts project only players with open mission of soul were invited.

Players began to be trained in consultation and within a year seized skills of bases of consultation, began preparation for public statements.

But, it is important to tell that Consultation is contraindicated if the participant doesn't meditate regularly (in particular at least twice a day in the morning and in the evening).

By criteria of conditions of game: the players playing at the level the missionary - meditate, at least in the morning and evening of 30-60 minutes.

In 2015 - all participants of Open Hearts group and respectively "Transfer", have to confirm the compliance to level at least the missionary and carry out regular meditations in the morning and evening of at least 30 minutes.

We come from Infinite Life, Life Divine. This Infinite Life goes on on the earth a short period, say, sixty - eighty years. At this time terrestrial life is put into us. But in this terrestrial, limited life there is a boundless Life. 

Now, while we live on the earth, we prepare, getting to a kingdom of Eternal Life thanks to the aspiration and meditation.

 But simply entering this infinite Life, we don't seize this Life yet; we need to turn into it consciously.

 When we start out meditations, we have to become an integral part of meditation eventually. And when we find ability to meditate twenty four hours per day, we start inhaling the Life which doesn't have the end constantly. 

Well if on consultations, distribution of points is intuitively clear, on remote game which allowed to see as players during the long period (nearly 3,5 months) play and finally placed players in the corresponding places, some comments are given to each player.

Pearls - during Remote game I endured total delivery of the Ego. During such delivery there is a Unification to itself.  

Hikari, Lebed, Tishina passed Remote game concerning the force, quite steadily, comprehending the level of the shapeless player and in general were made even in a rating. 

Hati-made - jump. It within the last 8 years, passed all program of Remote GAMES and moreover, showed ability to build in tasks of games everyday life and by that to fix in draws.  

The aria steadily increases degree of internal work and delivery. Every year the dwarf becomes more and more weaker, and ability to be himself - is steadier.

The ohm - concerns to the players able to play remote games and all game passes on one breath.

The fairy - showed practical changes in behavior and reaction which here are obviously noticeable the second year in game and only progress. That now happens to it is an otpuskaniye of.

The world - continues to open itself and certainly moves to internal self-honesty, revealing blind spots blossoms more and more.

Lana - played very sincerely, with iridescent power inherent in it and on rise.

Music - at big and various inclinations, in the course of game found out that it greases the skis with that greasing (belief) on which skis don't slide. I played productively, in comparison with last years dynamics of bigger freedom from the periods of recession in game is visible.

The wanderer - deliberately took a position in this remote game "come to the bottom". This position is similar position to RELEASE ITSELF (from obligations). To the end of the game I entered an understanding zone of "negative intelligence". That is important, at external passivity, is able to keep ability to notice draws and to understand the mission as souls.

Joke and Lila this year missed participation in draw Remote Game, but both have high potential which will surely be shown at the following draws of force.

I remind that subjective and each player has this rating both strong and weaknesses. But game is game and in it under laws of duality, someone has to be stronger, and someone is weaker.

Weakness is my favourite draw (Haha!)

Dwarf Purusha (Commander-in-chief of powers of darkness).

The current rating for March 10, 2015.

1. Hikari 151 points                                 

2. Swan 151 points                                   

3. Silence 151 points                                    

4. Want 145 points                               

5. Aria 143 points                                  

6. Ohm of 140 points                                  

7. Fairy of 136 points                                   

8. World 134 points                                   

9. Lana of 130 points                                             

10. Music of 129,5 points                                          

11. Joke of 129 points                                              

12. Wanderer of 128,5 points                                          

13. Lila of 77 points                

In March, players the Spark, Lyubov and Lada after stable game within several last years, received the invitation to fill up Open Hearts group.

The closest occupation of Open Hearts group, will happen directly on an April retrit "Concepts and reality" part 1.

The declared subjects of a retrit, will become aim subjects for their studying in application in consultation: 

 Ilahinoor – divine energy of awakening" - a razotozhdestvleniye with ignorance.

Trance (entry into the changed condition of consciousness). Work in a trance through subconsciousness - a razotozhdestvleniye with false identifications.

Dynamic group (tracing of the states, technology of inactivity) - a razotozhdestvleniye with tendencies to argue with reality.

The psychodrama (a conclusion of the hidden false identifications outside and playing of the drama - release - a razotozhdestvleniye)

And the closest meeting of Open Hearts Group will take place on May 1 in the center of Individual retrit in Nakhodka.




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