Note: A review how to use the site-section Questions Rama.

Sunday 24 July, 2016

In the section Questions Rama can be accessed by pressing the button- plate, on page news

Clicking opens a list of responses to questions and have the opportunity to ask your question.

To do this, click on the link Ask a question or sink to the bottom of the page, fill in the form and click Send. To view the answers you need to click on a question from the list.

Each time, coming on the news page of the site, you will see a new question or a comment. If you are interested in it, then clicking on it in the list of questions, you will be taken on him, and you can read it completely and see the answer to it.

 P.S. At Oasis Awakening website, organized a technology helpdesk.

For all matters related to the site (registration on the site, editing your personal profile, difficulties in carrying out any actions in your account, sending reports, use of materials personal account), as well as if you are having problems accessing the site, please contact technical support site.

State the problem in writing and mail to:




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