Guide: how to pass the qualifying job.

Thursday 11 August, 2016

When working in a private office in the section Events important to distinguish where to write the report in carrying out tasks of the current selection in the event.

In the central part of the page is a list of current events.

 If in the event there is unfinished task, then it hangs a bright yellow circle with the number.

This is reminiscent of the unfulfilled task of the player.

To send a report to write in the report in the bottom of the page. If necessary, attach a file in this window.

IMPORTANT! Only after sending the current job selection you can get the next job.

A common mistake is to write a report in the chat "Contact with the conductor" and a new job site the system will not be able to send.

Carefully pay attention, if the report has already been sent in the chat, write in the box event "Report sent to the chat" and send a message.

   In this case, a software system for remote play, you can send the following selection task or game.

Chat "Contact with the conductor" is a means to further communication in the framework of this event. Sometimes, it happens that the report is sent for various reasons without the attached file, then you can always send duplicate chatting (contact conductor).

Just happens that after sending the report to the event, there is a desire something to add or clarify, that's all you can do in the chat: contact with the conductor.

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