Prepare sleighs in summer.

Wednesday 29 November, 2017

In November 2016, start the selection, now on Fifth Winter Remote game.

It is the longest rally forces, hosted by the Academy of Lila, which runs in conjunction with the selection of about 3.5 months.

This year, all participants are waiting for the new qualifying jobs and some additions to the accompaniment, which, like last year, will include the possibility of Skype -konsultirovaniya with experienced players, "Open Heart" in the course of this long retreat.

In preparation for remote games, now, Sangha Leela Academy recommends to try:The program for taking notes and diaries - One Note

OneNote for Windows is one of the oldest programs for note taking. There was a OneNote in Office 2003. Now the package is distributed with Office 2010, any edition.  Link to the program description. 

Maybe (probably) the program is already on your computer.

What is easy to use this application during the Remote Winter Games?

As it is known during the game players need to write reports, describing his game during the game, according to get the job.

This application is very convenient to take notes.

  • Firstly, they are sorted by leaps
  • Secondly, this same notebook, can be carried out simultaneously on different devices, downloading this app and your phone.

So during the day, no matter where you are, you can take notes on your phone, even without the presence of the Internet, they are stored in memory, and then in the presence of the Internet, record your phone and computer are synchronized.

If you prefer to write at home from your computer, then you can continue your notes via the computer.

  • While writing a weekly report about your game, you just need to gather all the information together and send in your account site Oasis Awakening.

This really comes in handy!

Try, if something does not work, please contact:  Customer Support Site. site. Will help you configure the application.



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