Liberation - not a distorted perception of reality.

Saturday 15 October, 2016

What is liberation?
Liberation - when it comes to the perception of reality is when you are not able to suffer.
You can not suffer under any circumstances.
When you say "freedom from suffering" - as if it is suffering - the bag, and he should be released. But actually it is not.
You can not get rid of suffering, because suffering as such does not exist.
Suffering is your wrong perception of reality, and as a consequence, wrong thinking. It should not be freed from suffering and change their distorted perception and thinking.
Suffering is the result of not - doing, the wrong perception of reality. When your perception does not match reality with reality itself, that is, your perception is distorted by the fact that there are in fact - it was then suffering arises.
The more distorted perception of reality, the more suffering.
Alternatively it can be said that the release - when perceived reality without distortion.
How to eliminate the distortion of perception?
There are many ways how to come to this, but the main point is prompting a revival.
One moment of awakening happens, after which a person deliberately gets in the path of restoring vision of reality such as it is.
This route passes through many incarnations and one day, it is possible to come very close to that to see reality as it is! Oh - it's a miracle!

The Leela.




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