Verification of "Open Hearts".

Tuesday 08 November, 2016

In 2017, the Academy will conduct verification Leela game levels Leela Academy students, which will allow to perceive their level of play and therefore, more accurately put the ongoing challenges in the game.
Confirming its status and are "open heart." Every month members of this group fed regular reports on the practice of consultation.
The rate of learning "Open Hearts" was originally made for a minimum of practical experience and theoretical information, but the most important archive.
Thus, the monthly with practical experience "hand stuffed" and acquired valuable experience, which is so necessary for successful counseling.
According to the October reports, consultations (or rather the lack of them), a group of "Open Hearts" leave:

1. Leela
2. Music
3. Lana
4. Aria

In the classroom, it has repeatedly talked about the importance of regular counseling practices, but because of the lack of personal power, these players fail to comply with this condition training.
Of course, the return mechanism of the group is.
The lack of personal power in these players, due to the presence of blind spots, because of which continue to be supported and replicated resistance fears that consume a tremendous amount of personal power (ie the ability to be aware).

The above players will be able to return to the group "Open Heart", after the passage of seven (7) 

They will have to do a great job, and gain experience in counseling through the customer experience, ie on the back side.
After the players returned fulfill the condition, they can apply for a meeting of "Open Hearts".


The Leela.





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