What will be after an enlightenment?

Thursday 23 August, 2018

On this question you receive an irrefragable answer in this video:

What will be after an enlightenment? Что будет после просветления?

And here that my Sri Chin speaks about an enlightenment:

If we don't see God in all that we do, our everyday life will be continuous disappointment.

As if sincerely we tried to please the world, as if sincerely the world tried to please us, between our understanding and understanding of the world surely there will be a disappointment.

Disappointment source — ignorance.

Ignorance — is mother of the devastating disappointment, the destroying disappointment and suffocating disappointment.

Having got into ignorance more deeply, we will see that all this is game unconscious.

We will be able to be exempted completely from disappointment in life, having only entered the Source of all existence.

Plunging into the Source of own existence and existence of the world, we thereby come nearer to Reality. This Reality — our constant Delight, and Delight — this Breath of God.

Ignorance and enlightenment — as night and day. It is necessary to enter at first an enlightenment, and then to bring an enlightenment at night ignorance.

The enlightenment — is conscious awareness on soul.

Enlightenment — this conscious vision of reality which will just about be shown.

The enlightenment — is the opportunity transformed to reality of life.

Enlightenment — as a divine magic wand of God. In this world the ordinary wizard wave of a magic wand turns one into another. When God uses an enlightenment in the world, at once the final consciousness of the earth enters in Infinite and becomes Infinite.

Enlightenment — this first understanding by mankind of all-powerful Force, boundless Compassion, infinite Light and perfect Perfection of God.

Our enlightenment lets to us know, than actually God is.

To an enlightenment God — is the theory; after an enlightenment God becomes vital reality.

So the enlightenment — is the divine magic power allowing us to see reality which once was imagination.

When in the person the enlightenment blossoms, God it doesn't become simple the promise, and original achievement.

The enlightenment can come in mind and in heart. When becomes brightened up mind, on us God's Choice falls.

When becomes brightened up heart, we turn into God's Voice.

Here, in the physical world, mind gained considerable development. The person, having developed the intellectual mind, I towered over animals because the level of mind is higher than level physical or vital.

The person improved abilities of mind, but didn't improve ability of heart.

When we develop heart, we will see that ability of heart has more, than we imagined.

When we develop in the heart unique feeling of that we — from the highest Vision of God and for perfect Manifestation of God, there will come the enlightenment. 

The enlightenment brings to extraordinary level, now is a fascinating Game!!!!



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