How the soul chooses a new life.

Friday 10 November, 2017

Reading this article, remember that everything about souls is a conceptual view and at the level of the spectrum of Consciousness, this level is no longer personal, but also not the Consciousness of Unity. All the talk of this kind refers to the personal spectrum of Consciousness.

... After the soul has rested and works lessons of the last life, it is time to a new incarnation. This solution comes in different ways. Some souls approach it on their own, some are reminded of the Mentors.
Not all souls are ready for a new incarnation, for various reasons. It happens that from the last life the soul returns tired, and even does not want to think about returning to Earth.
Restoring the energy and assessing yourself after returning to the World of Souls is different for everyone, someone takes a long time, someone is much less. In any case, the soul ready for a new life gently leads to the next incarnation.
In the World of Souls it is nice and peaceful, and it is difficult to leave this spiritual environment in order to temporarily return to a planet where uncertainty reigns.
Despite the fact that souls incarnate with their kindred souls, many feel their loneliness during life.
Nevertheless, when the wounds of a past life are healed, we, as souls, remember with tenderness earthly joys, those that can only be experienced in a physical body.
So, the soul, ready for incarnation, must make the final decision, answering the three main questions:
  • Am I ready for a new physical life?
  • What lessons do I need to go through in order to advance in my development and training?
  • Who should I become and where I live in my next life, in order to create the best opportunities for achieving my goals?

And now, when the decision is made, the process of preparation begins, the initial stage of which takes place in a special place of choice of life. First, it is determined when and where the best will be born, and then what the soul will be in this new life.
We even have the opportunity to look at individual fragments of the future tense and decide whether our choice will match the surrounding conditions.

  • According to the stories of people who visited the place of choice of the future life during the regression hypnosis session, this place looks like a separate world where you can manipulate time to give souls the opportunity to get the necessary information.
  • It is like a movie theater where the soul looks at itself in the future life, in different roles and different situations. The cinema is not quite the same as we are used to. Imagine a large transparent bubble filled with concentrated energy inside. The soul is drawn inward, feeling that it is being taken care of and that something interesting is waiting for it ... The screens are arranged in a circle, these are the so-called walls, they are plastic and shimmer like mirrors ...
  • For a while everything is quiet, then the screens come alive, representing images, actions, colors ... It's not a movie, but a real life that you can observe and mentally control the action ... Usually the soul is offered a choice of several bodies and scenarios, but often so That the choice is limited to two options that were prepared for us.
  • The soul sees the main important points, the turning points in each scenario. If necessary, you can enter the scene of life. It sounds incredible, but from the stories of souls, everything happens just like this. At this time you can feel that for the life of any person in this scene or just watch them. The scene can be controlled: stop it, start again ...

In the world of souls there is no time, time exists only on Earth. And entering into life during the viewing of the future incarnation one can meet his soul in some person who already passes the lesson. But not everything is allowed to see. Part of life is hidden from the heart. This is done to verify the ability of the soul to make decisions.

  • In the circle of the choice of life, certain experiments and experiments are set, from which one must choose. When we come to Earth, we will try to solve them.
  • It is necessary to be very attentive, because at this time it is necessary to take serious decisions, in order not to deal with erroneous decisions in poorly developed life. But since the whole scene is never shown completely, there is always a certain risk with respect to any variants of the proposed bodies.
  • Having finished the review, we make a choice of one script and the corresponding body.
  • All this is very similar to the dress rehearsal before the premiere of a new life.

Destiny as a direction exists, life cycles are in general outlined, but there are many alternative ways, options that we will choose already in the process of life.

  • Perhaps, now becomes more clear expression that we create our own destiny.
  •  That everything that happens in our lives, our happiness or suffering, does not reflect either the blessing or betrayal on the part of God or the Absolute, our Mentors or Guides or coordinators in choosing life.
  • We can not blame anyone, but we must accept the situation and find the best and right solution for it, guided by the principles of cultivation and spiritual growth.

"You build your lives as spiders weave their webs. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to weave one single thread. "



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