Full-time sessions with Rama (Psychotherapy).

Thursday 12 October, 2017

In Nakhodka and Vladivostok, Rama's face-to-face individual consultations began as a doctor-psychotherapist, which will last the whole of October and November 2017.

Not every illness should be treated - it is enough to understand another.

The spectrum of diseases, concerning which advises Rama, has no boundaries, because the key in the patient's condition is the word disease. Together with Rama you will be able to understand the reasons (the origins of your illness) and the ways to solve it (see the path to recovery).

Health is the only good that everyone takes from himself!

Rama about the diseases:

First of all, you need to know that the disease is not a tragedy, it's not the end - it's just a gross signal of the organism, that you live like that in a way that your

  • way of life,
  • thinking,

    both consciously and unconsciously - form the symptoms, which are generally called disease.

    Illnesses with medicines are not treated, my dear ... to live it is necessary correctly ... M.Veller

    Any disease - first of all makes you develop and change yourself, become more reasonable.

    If you managed to take a lesson in the disease and change yourself and your attitude to life, then the disease disappears.

    Disease is a healthy reaction of the body to our unhealthy lifestyle. Leonid Sukhorukov

    Each disease always has its own causes and consequences. It is important to realize them and, if possible, eliminate them both.

    Causes of diseases can be on:
  • Genetic level (karmic)
  • Mental level
  • Emotional level
  • Physical layer
  • Behavioral level (bad habits)
  • Biochemical level (+ ecology)
  • Energy level

Disease is one of the ways of the body to tell us that there is some false idea in our minds. This is evidence that some of our beliefs, actions or thoughts do not benefit us. The body, as it were, turns to us with entreaty, crying: "Please pay attention to me!" Louise Hay
It is also important, on the example of one disease, changing your attitude to life, learning to change in a timely manner, listening to light body signals when the disease has not yet formed.

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