Rinse the mouth with oil: vegetable oil draws toxins.

Wednesday 15 November, 2017

Vegetable oils since antiquity have been used to cleanse the mouth, draw toxins. In addition, vegetable oil positively affects the enamel of the teeth, contributes to its bleaching. It is proved that with regular cleaning of the mouth with vegetable oil, the gums health improves, effective removal of harmful bacteria that can accumulate in the language.

How to clean with oil? This is a very easy and fast process, which is recommended in the morning. To do this, put into your mouth 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive, sunflower) and keep it in your mouth for a short time (15-20 minutes). In this case, it is recommended to move the oil with the help of the tongue in all the mouth cavity with a whistle, suck, wash your teeth (boldly fantasize). After that, it is advisable to spit out the oil, and rinse your mouth with boiled warm water to remove any remaining toxins.

  • You can add and after cleaning the oil, half a cup of water, dilute a half teaspoon of salt and rinse the throat and mouth, thereby removing the bacterial plaque from the glands and the remains of oil from the mouth.
  • Regular reading with oil really helps improve the health of the oral cavity.

Many people know that the oil can be used to purify the skin, this action principle draws and removes toxins from the oral cavity without disturbing the health of the gums or teeth.

Practicing this purge began in India several thousand years ago, and in the modern world it was introduced in the early 1990s by a doctor named F. Karach, who successfully used oil cleansing in his medical practice.

There are hundreds of positive reviews from people who have experienced the positive effect of cleaning the mouth with vegetable oil. In addition, cleansing, stretching of toxins with oil helps improve skin health, helps with headaches, arthritis, asthma, hormonal imbalance, infections, liver problems.
Oil also improves the health of teeth, because they become less sensitive. In addition, teeth from the oil are lightly bleached, yellow or dark coating disappears (for example, from coffee, tobacco).

  • Experts say that extracting toxins with oil not only cleans the oral cavity, but also serves as a preventative against the development of various infections that can later penetrate into other parts of the body through the mouth. Consequently, the oil is able to protect and clean the oral cavity from pathogenic microorganisms.

It is important to use only high-quality oil for cleaning, do not save on your health. Remember that only a high-quality product is able to effectively pull out and remove toxins, whiten tooth enamel. To do this, it is better to use unrefined high-quality oil, which, as a rule, is used for food purposes.

  •  Cleaning the mouth with oil is a fairly inexpensive therapy that can greatly benefit in maintaining and restoring health. So she has no shortcomings. This cleansing can be used for several years, i.e. long time.



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