100 reasons to start meditating.

Tuesday 05 November, 2019

Last Friday, Rama held a practical lesson in Vladivostok, which emphasized the understanding, why he needed to meditate and do it regularly.

Anyone who has tried to meditate at least once, has felt the benefits of this delightful state of peace, tranquility and love.

In this article, we have tried to collect all the known useful effects that a person receives from regular meditation.

- Physiological benefits:

1. Slows down the aging process.

2. The consumption of oxygen decreases.

3. The respiratory rate slows down.

4. It increases the flow of blood and slows the heart rate.

5. Increases resistance to physical activity.

6. It leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.


7. Useful for people with high blood pressure.

8. Reduces anxiety attacks by reducing the level of lactate in the blood.

9. Reduces muscular tension.

10. Helps with chronic diseases, such as allergies, arthritis, etc.

11. Reduces symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

12. Helps in post-operative healing.


13. Strengthens the immune system.

14. Reduces the activity of viruses and emotional stress.

15. Strengthens energy, strength and motivation.

16. Helps in controlling weight.

17. Reduces the number of free radicals, reduces tissue damage.

18. Provides high skin resistance.


19. Reduces cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

20. Improves oxygen flow to the lungs, resulting in easier breathing.

21. It evokes the feeling "I love and I constantly express love."

22. Increases the level of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).

23. Prevents or slows the pain of chronic diseases.

24. Prevents sweating.


25. Treats headaches and migraines.

26. Arranges the work of the brain.

27. Reduces the need for medical care.

28. Less wasted energy.

29. Motivates for sports.

30. Much easier breathing with asthma.


31. Improving physical sustainability.

32. Normalizes weight.

33. Harmonizes the endocrine system.

34. Relaxes the nervous system.

35. Provides useful changes in brain electrical activity.

36. Treats infertility (affects the production of hormones that regulate ovulation).


- Psychological advantages:

37. Increases self-confidence.

38. Increases serotonin level, affects mood and behavior.

39. Relieves of phobias and fears.

40. Helps to control the thought process.

41. Increases concentration.

42. Develops creative abilities.


43. Coordinates electromagnetic waves of the brain.

44. Increases learning ability and improves memory.

45. Increases the feeling of vitality and rejuvenation.

46. ​​Provides emotional stability.

47. Helps to better understand yourself.

48. Slows down the aging.


49. It is easier to get rid of bad habits.

50. Strengthens intuition.

51. Increases efficiency.

52. Improving the relationship at home and at work.

53. An opportunity to look more broadly at the situation and decisions.

54. Helps to ignore minor issues.


55. Expands the ability to solve complex problems.

56. Deeper understand yourself.

57. Develops willpower.

58. Deep interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain.

59. Effective and fast response to stressful events.

60. Develops a system of perception and the motor system.


61. The level of intelligence is growing.

62. Increase in the level of job satisfaction.

63. Increased sensitivity when intimate contact with a partner.

64. Reducing susceptibility to mental illness.

65. Become sociable and sociable.

66. Aggressiveness decreases.


67. Helps to quit smoking, get rid of alcohol dependence.

68. Reduces the need and dependence on drugs, pills and med.preparatov.

69. Faster restore strength during sleep.

70. It takes less time to fall asleep, helps to cure insomnia.

71. Increases the sense of responsibility.

72. Reduces aggressive behavior on the road.


73. Reducing the level of anxiety.

74. Develops a sense of empathy.

75. Helps to make more accurate decisions.

76. Develops tolerance.

77. Opens new constructive opportunities.

78. Become a stable and balanced person.

79. Develops emotional maturity.


- Spiritual advantages:

80. Helps to see the future.

81. Provides peace of mind.

82. Helps in setting goals.

83. Promotes greater self-realization.

84. Become more compassionate.

85. You gain wisdom.


86. Understand yourself and others more deeply.

87. The body, mind and spirit live in harmony.

88. Deep level of spiritual relaxation.

89. Accepting yourself.

90. Helps to learn to say goodbye to yourself and others.

91. Changes attitudes toward life to positive.


92. Deep relationship and connection with God.

93. Achievement of enlightenment.

94. Focus on the inner world.

95. Helps to live "here and now".

96. Reveals and deepens the feeling of love.

97. Expands strength

98. Experiencing an inner sense of confidence.

99. Experience of the feeling of "unity" and "flow".

100. Synchronizes your life


Friends, such a huge list inspires and pushes back laziness and excuses ("there is no time ...", "suddenly, I'm doing it wrong") to the background. Just want to do meditation and with what constantly.


Playing :)

The Leela.



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