In the wake of the April retreat (Photo slide show part 2).

Thursday 16 April, 2015

Fear - the cheapest room of the hotel.

I would like to see you in the best conditions,

For your mother and my mother were friends.

I know this part of the landlady of the universe.

Tonight get some rest

And come back tomorrow to hear my poem.

We can sing together for the Goddess

But to promise now will not

But I now,

If you ask

There will be something wonderful

The goddess wants to see in your eyes

Lots of love and playfulness

For they are your greatest witnesses of its essence

Your soul and my soul once dwelt together

In the womb Vozlyublennoy- flirtatious.

Your heart and my heart - very, very old friends.

~ Hafiz

Well, all the players of the Academy of Lila can view photos from the last report in April retreat held near Vladivostok Part 2.

Reference: Concept And Reality Slideshow



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