The "Open Hearts" rating for December 2017.

Sunday 10 December, 2017

Last Saturday, the regular meeting of the "Open Hearts" was held, at which players continued training in counseling.

In this lesson, the main topic was a detailed study of the application of the tool - Ericksonian hypnosis (or immersion in the trance state of consciousness) and working with the client, using all the advantages of immersion in trance.

Also at the meeting, a rating of consultants was conducted, which, of course, subjectively, reflects the success of training in advising players. Recall that the project "Open Hearts" was launched in 2013, as part of the development of such practices as Service (Karma Yoga), which is an integral part of spiritual development in the Lila Academy.

Of the 14 players of the Academy of Leela, invited to this project in 2013, today, by the end of the fourth year of training, 9 people continue to play at this level.

These 9 people have confirmed their ability to play at the missionary level and have the power to practice the ministry.

According to the rating survey of the participants of the project "Open Hearts" and Rama, the criteria of which were:
  • advanced counseling skills
  • degree of trust to the consultant
  • and own freedom from problems (during counseling)

The rating of the players was as follows:

  • Pearl 86 points
  • Silence 82 points
  • Shanti 79 points
  • Hikari 78 points
  • Hachi 75 points
  • Swan 73 points
  • Music 70 points
  • The Universe 70 points
  • Sharma 67 points

Players of the project "Open Hearts" continue to conduct individual skype retreats, advising players of the Leela Academy and continue to sharpen the skill of counseling in practice, consulting each other monthly.

The key to successful counseling is the continuous practice of counseling, which all participants of the "Open Hearts" have been continuously for four years.



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