Arunachala. Retreat in Tire 2018 (4th edition).

Tuesday 13 February, 2018

Today, the players climbed to the top of Arunachala, where they touched the feet of Shiva.

Starting at 4.45 in the morning, they were already at the top together with the sunrise.

Arunachala has always remained relatively little known. But for those who comprehend the jnana, Arunachala always makes itself felt through these or those other means.

"All the stones in that place [of Arunachala] are lingams." This is indeed the abode of Lord Siva, the words spoken in the Holy Scripture: "and the meditators there will be absorbed into samadhi, beyond the delusions of the mind." Could there be another place that would be equal to him? "Arunachala Puranam.

Well, the main theme of the players, the surrender continues and this ascent occurred on the eve of the departure of players to the Shri Bhagavat Ashram.

About how the trip to the Shri Bhagavat Ashram took place, read in the next article ...



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