Release 4. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Monday 11 June, 2018

For man himself does evil,
And he defiles himself
He does not commit evil either himself
And he cleans himself
(Gautam Buddha).

Practice and self-discipline are the cornerstone of spiritual development.
You can go to a free non-act only if you have already developed self-discipline.
And, of course, all the ways of self-evaluation of your game are conditional and are a provocative moment reflecting your self-discipline at the moment.
You can be free of these requirements if you can demonstrate self-discipline. But if you can not, then honestly admit yourself to this and play practical jokes related to self-discipline.
Those players who play for the first time, be sure to cheer yourself up, praise, regardless of the result, you are moving in the right direction and just like in sports, playing skills - do not come right away, you need time, you need training, you need training, then there is a practice ...

In this summary, draws played by players in the current game are collected:

  • I caught myself depending on responsibility, when I read the messages about getting the tasks, I thought that I broke the rules and the ego was agitated, saying that I sent everything on time, went protest and resistance and defense ... where the error ... but the Hunter is lightning fast tracked these feelings and I explained to the character that even if it is, take it! It became ridiculous above itself, in the report on the forum wrote about the strong and weak quality (responsibility) and immediately Consciousness manifested in reality through the Draw and gave me the opportunity to work on this topic! I thank Consciousness and Sangha, for the joint creativity.
  • Since the elderly boss went on vacation, I had to work in our branch with a young boss, he's not a simple person ..., I find myself thinking that I do not want to go against myself and play shows, through show-off ... that I do not want with him to work all week, and maybe two ..., tension in the head, the body helps to come to awareness, peeked inward, emotion of irritation, protection and fear of rejection! Who is resisting, Who is I, who is the chief? We are all one, everything is Consciousness and if the Game is so conceived, then be good. Play it !!!! There was lightness, thoughts flew away, peace inside, silence ... I come to work, and Operations tells me that my colleague is sick and that I have to go to another city to another branch!
  • I planned to go on vacation in the summer in August, I told the boss about the date, but he refused me, saying at the same time, take it in the fall. I watch myself ... there is irritation, the thought that I am not respected and use to pass through myself, live this emotion, the tension in my chest in my head ... I understand the drawing, I see, I accept, the tension is weakened, I hope that in July, there will still be time and holidays for me ... the rally continues, I have not been given an answer yet, but it is a good opportunity to fix the rule from the hunter's code, the hunter learns patience and the ability to wait!
  • After work, I was in a hurry to catch up before closing the store, that to buy home the food ... did not have time, the door was closed ... The complete acceptance of the situation, smiled both internally and externally, at the feet of the callus, from fast walking, and on the soul, Well, that's how it happens ...
  • After work, I was in a hurry to catch up before closing the store, that to buy home the food ... did not have time, the door was closed ... The complete acceptance of the situation, smiled both internally and externally, at the feet of the callus, from fast walking, and on the soul, Well, that's how it happens ...
  • Put dancing for the newlyweds, which is already itself, joy, romance and inspiration! But I look, the groom is nervous, starts to be irritated, to give advice not in a subject, he has no experience in dancing. I look at him as a child, I understand that a person simply takes everything to heart, experiences ... I keep track of peace, understanding, in my chest I warmly realize that all the Game of Consciousness, opening up the mother's feelings, has translated everything into a joke, what would the groom has relaxed, tk. he is currently serving in the army, telling him that I will be your general, relax and trust my experience and my vision, we'll be all in time! The lesson of the dance was in full play and in a good mood! Uraaaa, what a Happiness just to be.
  • In the internet on the south tube, I watched two shows, about the fate of actresses and their children ... alcohol, drugs, premature deaths, abandonment of children ... it hurt so much for people on the soul, tears ... pressure in my chest, tension in my head and sadness ... allowed it to be, it was understood that one can not be sorry, each of them made his choice, behind each of them stands the Consciousness, everything flows according to the scenario of Life ... The Game Goes ...
  • The younger granddaughter conflicts with her friends - classmates. She really wants to be friends with girls, and they arrange boycotts for her, write posters, reconcile like, and run away. My daughter, her mother does not understand, but accuses her. The granddaughter keeps steadfastly. His loneliness lives patiently. And the body reacts with spasms of hands, nervous breakdowns. My daughter treated her with a neurologist. Here again, the girls wrote the car with slogans - not to be friends. And at the door she slipped a poster - we are not friends with you. The daughter does not help to understand the conflict. One in return - itself to blame, bad. At midnight, I have a pressure of 160. A symbol is a crowd of teasing children, granddaughter's eyes, tight shoulders. It's okay, grandma! I sat down in practice - a symbol - a crowd. In the past, I'm seven years old. Along the street to our house there is a soldier - my mother's brother, my uncle. Summer, the children are playing. They see a soldier and begin to run around him and tease his nationality - the Buryats. They shout some kind of chant. I'm afraid of this furious crowd, I'm standing on the street and I can not help it. My uncle comes into the house, he calls me out the window and stuns me with his soldier's belt at home. Because I was on the street too. And she participated in the calling as if. Complains of my mother. It also comes from my mother. I live in weakness, injustice, loneliness, fear of death. Who is afraid of the crowd? Who is weak, who is strong? Who plays the role of uncle, mother, children? Who's worried? Who is the granddaughter and classmates? Yes, it happens. There is anger, envy, revenge. Life happens this way. I - not people, not children. I look at the events without being involved. Granddaughter lives her own experience. The one who I am is not affected. Immediately I identify myself with the true. Self-awareness of oneself. Who I am. The body straightens, relaxes. The one who I am is self-realization.
  • A friend is calling. She proposes to take a trip to the holiday home with her two together in July-August. To go in fear of freedom. I can not rest! Especially without a husband. This should not be. How will a married woman be entertained, and her husband will stay at home? I give my consent, not knowing where I will get the money. I tell my husband that I need to rest, and I want to go with VI. in the sanatorium. He answers - save money and drive. Ha - ha! Where will they accumulate? Who am I, who is afraid? Who are these revelers? There is no one. The next day in the morning woke up with awareness - I am a GAME. Playfulness! And in the body I notice pain in the ear, pain in the back. All "broken". Thought - well, what do you want - age already! I measure the pressure. Pressure over 160. What is it? Usually, this late at night, at night. What do I not accept, get involved, forget? Identified with the character. In practice, the fear of freedom. The event - agreed to go to a sanatorium. Fear of being bad - frivolous, walking, not serious. Vacationers are free from everything. No - I should not be. On myself to spend. The mind draws pictures all sorts. In the past - a quarrel with her husband. Everyone took up arms, shouting, making noise. I'm pregnant on a long term. The husband demands a divorce. The child is dead. Long lay in the hospital. The fruit did not come out. Arriving from the hospital, I hear from my husband - well, that - returned from the resort? At this time I was given a ticket to the sanatorium. She took her four-year-old daughter with her and left her with her sister. There the baby was frightened by a cow. My daughter began to stutter. Long treated for fright. Symbol - rest. Fear of loss, fear of destruction, fear of death. I realize - the past, not lived emotional experience, with which the character was identified. With the events of "destruction". Who is afraid of destruction? Fear, fear ... Death. This is all an illusion. I can rest. Who is afraid of "bad", destructive events? And I - that - not this. Not a character, not a thought, an emotion. He who I am is eternity, peace. Everything is an illusion, a reflection in the mirror. Then he who I am is a mirror. Not affected by anything. Be in self-identification. Be yourself.
  • Identified the cause of discomfort in the body before bed. Go to sleep. I can not sleep. In the back, compression. Trend - I should not rest. The pressure is still normal, but on the left in the body compression began, in the neck pulsation. Word of sleep, I do not like to rest. The tendency is that I must work, that is, be strong. Sleep lazy, idlers, lazy. By the nature of the installation - mother, grandmother, great-grandmother - earned a living by hard work, not allowing yourself to rest. Now I'm not working. It should not be. Everyone should work hard. Fear of being weak. Fear of death. The mind remembers events by birth. Life of the characters of the past. Heavy work was at my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother. This is their life, their experience, their time. You are not responsible for their fate. Do not try on yourself, the character. You do not become attached to how it should be. Allow yourself to be weak, not working, resting. Realize yourself. Who am I?
  • To be "bad." Trend - a woman should not call the man herself. Ask, ask. This is weakness, stupidity, humiliation, condemnation. In general, all this is very "bad." And this woman deserves deep condemnation. The role of the "simulator" for my character is E. I'm calling. No answer. I'm calling more. The tube does not take. I called in half an hour. Thought - well, what was attached? So the game is the same! I'm playing. Finally, E. takes the phone. He says that there were no calls. Conversation, I'm interested. Let them condemn, even whatever they want, they do! We talked. And what else to think of? I called again. I say - do not we have tea somewhere in the countryside? Agrees. He says that he will repair the car soon and let me know. Ha-ha! A glorious rally! It's very interesting and fun to be "bad and weak"! Consciousness decided to act itself. Joke! Will tea drinking is not very important. Who is this "bad" woman? It's not I. Thoughts, emotions - I'm not all this! The one I am does not affect. Was in awareness - who I am. No one is here. There is no doer. I am emptiness, eternity.
  • I decided to call E. and talk a little on the phone. He had not called for a long time, but was going to go with me on an excursion around the island. And - silent! There's always a reason - the car broke down. I wanted to talk. I'm calling myself. Happy voice, congratulations on the holiday. Quickly and vigorously I throw out wishes. In order not to hear the whining, I quickly put down the phone. In response - the symbol - the voice - "no" - indifferent - a hitch in the voice - did not wait - what holiday? I realize that there is a fear of being "abandoned." I pretend that everything is fine with me, wonderful. I am strong, confident, business-like. I need nothing. In the past - the experience of communicating with men - deception, expectations, disappeared without explanation. She pretended - everything is fine. The image is not interesting, unprepossessing, weak. So you have to show yourself somehow. Hold on. Better to quit. Who's waiting? Who's afraid? Who am I? Is there anyone who throws and who is thrown? Identification with a truth.
  • I met a friend. She always complains that she is alone, but I do not visit her. She wanted to give me a spare key so I could look around for the apartment. I refused. Now she again began to "load" me with her problems - that she needs to run somewhere, and a friend comes to her from the west, and I do not take the key. So she had to leave the key in the store - suddenly a friend would come to her in her absence. Yes, I accept myself as bad, I say no, I do not take responsibility for others. I accept the "destruction" of friendship. I accept myself different. The one who I am does not react, does not get involved, does not worry. Instant self-awareness of who I am. Stay with yourself.
  • My son arrived. Slowly she prepared herself for his arrival. The son, going into the kitchen, immediately began to resent that at home, as always a mess, the banks on the table stand (I pour the sliced ​​beets with water and after three days drink). So, the game started. I realized that this is an excuse, as always, to find fault. I absolutely did not want to be patient and silently listen to his accusations, even if he is a mirror of the reflection of my inner world. I got angry, but I got angry. Well, when he's right, you can shut up, but now I'm not going to. I had strength and determination. Well, I let him go, I let him have a lot. Was in the presence. The son of the eye protruded and began to scream that I limit it in everything that I do not care about him. And this is already interesting. This is already my injury, too. He did not expect rebuff and shouted: I will take away your spirituality, I forbid you to do this. I will not let it. From today I forbid. And I tell him: learn to behave, or you behave like a pig. And he answers: and you live like a pig. Yes, we talked. That's how Consciousness, playing all the roles, behaved. See God in another person! But it does not work yet. I condemned myself all my life, that I was unrestrained, quick-tempered, but did not get better. In this situation, I did not condemn myself and did not belittle myself. In another way, at the moment, she could not behave. How cool, do not judge yourself, accept yourself like that, be yourself.
  • During the day, my son showed me disrespect in every possible way. Such rejection of me. Do I feel rejected? Yes. What now? I'm silent, I feel depressed from his arrogant attitude. My son does not need my communication. I'm in the mind, I forgot about the body. And the game continues. Conclusion: compassion and friendliness are inside. I know how to change the situation. Well, move the horse. I go up to him and give him an expensive set of tools, which I bought in Moscow for his birthday. I look, softened, I see that I'm happy, although I did not even open it. It is done. Relations have improved. Vyrulila.
  • The alpinist from Zhu came to do the waterproofing of the visor of our balcony. I say: make more water. He replies: this is already paid. I agree. The next day, he brings materials, but incorrectly measured the length of the plate, and the corner of the balcony plate did wrong. The specialist agrees to correct, but I do not give money, but he does not ask. I then show my son what the expert did wrong. When the climber began to do the work, the son was silent and even gave me the money for payment. Now, seeing from the window the wrong corner, he began to shout: why did I invite him to do the water drain. He is going to glaze the balcony, and the firm itself will make the water drain. At first I keep silent, realizing that my son is right, and then I understand that the climber iron covered part of the top and side surfaces of the plate, we have the 9th floor. The company does not do such work with glazing. But the son was already indignant and did not listen to me. He said that he will pay for the material, not completely for the work. He calls this guy: he says: he wants to pay off and so that he completes the work. And then there is an incomprehensible: the guy says that he agreed, and you do not have to pay, and his marriage will be fixed later. The son is indignant: the more you listened, you do not have to pay. So it became interesting, I see the game of Consciousness, amuse myself with me. And I remember that the master of the house said that our estimate for the balcony slab was free. But the son does not want to listen to me. I understand, it does not matter how it happens, the main thing is that I, not like all normal people, have everything wrong with me. And I'm happy to see the game of Consciousness. It's good that there was a marriage and we did not give money then.
  • He let you down many times, but it does not mean anything. He does not owe you anything. The game is on. Consciousness shows: do not wait, look for another option. A responsibility. Hope for yourself, for Consciousness. No one is to blame, but the body suffers. Totally live feelings, abandoned, and abandoned, lonely. I will play with SZ, and further, he brought a lot and good to me in life. It's not him, but through him Consciousness plays. Low bow and thanks to Consciousness for this experience. The role is grateful. I spend the transformation by breathing. Mood - and I fly hunting. After meditation, calmness and determination to act. I feel perfectly, condemnation of myself and it is not.
  • I called wrong, the battery pack, the son immediately called me a kettle and more than once. He spoke arrogantly. Now I'm funny, then not very much. He annoyed me. Calmly asked: what do you increase your importance by proving your rightness to show the worthlessness of another person. And spirituality, it's you who will not offend another person just like that. And he says, and if you're a teapot? Now I laugh, then I was offended. Persuasion-with my mother does not say so. I think, about myself, there is no kettle. I say, well, if you are so smart and cultured, why are you behaving this way? And I do not like that you insult me. In my words there were no emotions. Inside was calm and confidence. I say again: I do not want to endure, I do not like the way you call me, even if I'm wrong. He closed the door and left. I was myself.
  • During the day I monitor weakness, as a protection against the power of the state. Helplessness. Fear: they will come and they will take everything away. And to call, I need about 10-15 minutes to go to fear and see and burst his bubble.
  • I saw that the ex-husband is looking for support in me. Afraid of loneliness and old age. Such a broken other close. As I. Looking for supports in me and in them is ridiculous. There is no support in anything. Only source. Thank the ancestors. They are the reason that I'm here. They survived despite the drama. Life goes on. I thought, I have few relatives. There were 438 of them. !!! Clearing in the head and eyes. The state is people and this is a manifestation of life. What are they afraid of then? Life is wealth is awareness.
    The daughter-in-law tells about the film, where, according to the story, women are slaves. The gentlemen sleep (have them) with them (and their wife is present at the process), so that there is conception, they take the child and transfer this woman-slave to another master. I note that the mind painted a colorful image. Sexual arousal began. Shame and thought: how will I describe all this in the report? Pervert what (nullity connected). I study this reaction situation in practice. P: T. O: Sexual arousal. Pleasure in sexual areas. Feeling: shame - humiliation (enjoying me). What is the benefit? Patronage, freedom of action, love. Perverseness of some kind. The situation of past incarnations. Real situations in this incarnation: the awareness of the already developed skill in the situation of violence to resist physically, through the "dryness" of the genitals, constriction, the state of the total sacrifice that needs to be saved. Revision: in humility, there is a fear of losing support in the "I". Therefore, the excitement of fantasy (pictures) - developed protection of the psyche. Practice, penetrating into my excitement, which was only intensified from attention, was difficult, but interestingly, as soon as I saw the fear of losing support in the self in humiliation, dryness and excitement immediately arose. Has rushed mysli.Poluchila Interesting gift: I could not tune in to breathing. Flew away in Thoughts: there were pictures of the past events of the day. And here comes the picture-memory, where I read the text under the image of a hug happy couple. Then turn over the note. BUT! in practice, everything seemed to slow down, and I was able to catch, with a glance at the picture and note ... for them a subtle regret. Then the sad loss. The left shoulder blade opposite the heart accumulates sadness (a slight echo in the body at that moment). And then, as if a valve had been opened, felt a stream, sorrow coming out of the body and leaving to nowhere. My heart warmed. A new vision of the Game: every thought is a rally.
  • In the afternoon I caught: A light annoyance. What is filmed on 2 to 2 days, and not immediately for a month))). Thought: Put more effort. Can notice. To come and fine - loss - problems with power - is dangerous for life. Immediately I go into fear of danger, until I fall into the voidness of disidentification. Immediately lets go. And it becomes easier to act.
  • From T. comes the answer that the power of attorney, drawn up in A., or rather, one phrase, will not be accepted by the state. bodies T. And I already paid. And the money is irrecoverable, if the papers for the apostille have already left ... The loss. Aah ... the heat in the spine, the head grows heavy, the heart worries, it clicks faster ... Fear of success and more money. I breathe. He lets go. Is it true that I will lose my life? No ... I contact another notary (mine was not available), which explains that this phrase is key here and without it an apostille simply will not do. Haha. No notary will not risk his reputation, license and freedom ... Umora-situation))). Again we have to breathe and live, accept this loss, which is now interpreted by the mind precisely as loss. I'm going to the main lesson of the rally: The main awareness. The loss or acquisition of success - no matter what will be, only awareness at this moment is important. My notary confirms the situation with the law in A., but is ready to go forward, correct the phrase on the sheet, which does not affect it in any way ... The drawing continues ...
  • Daughters at school require vaccinations. Again the letter of the law. Plus, doctors are ready to put vaccinations right up to 4-5-6 pieces. And they crush as soon as they can: they frightened the law, and "excommunication from the clinic" ... If two years ago I was uncomplaining before such pressure (plus the authority of the doctor) and gave me three vaccinations and mantoux, now I defended my position (compromise within the requirements): she proved that the doctor incorrectly counted (one vaccination was in sufficient quantity), she reduced the number of vaccinations to 3, only what is required in school. And it was a natural, spontaneous process. Nobody killed me for not following the will of authority))). And (!) I was aware of my new behavior, from which I felt extra pleasure.
    It was very easy for me to call all the officials who need to call. And even if today a full zero result, and moreover, two refusals to see a doctor, for the first time I felt the care of the refuser, did not take it into account, did not launch "rejection", but admired and enjoyed the game.
  • At work the boss asked me to put the watch he showed the customer in the window, the watches are expensive ... as it turned out the watch strap was damaged, but I could not understand who did it, or I, when moving the metal part, would put the buckle on she was originally or chief ... The first thought came to me now what to do (fear) ... I decided to just honestly show the boss and see what he would say ... I was ready for any of his reactions. Chef reacted nervously, saying, as you said it was done, I tried to explain, but because he initially throughout the day was already on his nerves, another reaction I did not expect from him. I just assumed the reality as it is ... The chief during the day began to carp at me, I understood the nature of these quibbles and just watched and for myself, and for him ... when I was already going home back, I thought that tomorrow I'll just pay for this strap, although by law I should not pay anything in such cases, the owner of the store ... The next day, coming to work, I told the boss that I would like to talk about the situation yesterday and offered to pay for the strap. Operations reacted calmly, said that I do not need to pay, that we talked, it's okay ..... I suddenly began to cry at that moment, not expecting such a reaction from myself, I feel the sadness surfaced ... or long ago for to me did not see the male actions and was touched, or regretted myself ... immediately the thought appeared that I was weak, showed weakness through tears with the chef .... immediately woke up, realized that this is my dear, His Majesty Rally and allowed herself, just to be a woman, internally allowed herself to experience the feeling of sadness, would allow herself and it became easier for me ... It was true that by evening another boss, the chef's brother, called, they had a conversation about me and they told me that I could take a day off, a long-awaited day off! Ur tears and acceptance of myself as I am in this reality have benefited.
  • When I was on a pause, when I noticed that something was wrong with my tooth, looking in the mirror, I saw that the tooth on the inside, and even the front, was damaged, well, I think that today's day was fun ... financially paid (payment for the strap on the watch), now the turn to health and beauty has come. I look consciously inside of myself silence ... calm ... the thought came that beauty, youth and health are relative things! When you completely trust the Consciousness, fears, defenses go away, the mind does not torture you by running around in the labyrinth of thoughts, you gain inner freedom, independence, the flow of energy, inspiration and infinite feeling of blessing opens!
  • I call the dentist to make an appointment. The girl responds that the reception is possible, only in a month, there are no free places. The first thought, I accept this, I felt right, as if a stream of calm and good-naturedness towards the heard and towards the girl ... But outside, I'm trying all the same persuade the girl, look for an opportunity to write to a doctor for me, to which she politely replied, saying that she would call me back. Somewhere in half an hour, during which I simply trusted Reality, I got a call back and the next day I received an appointment with a doctor!
  • I worked at work. During the day on the street there was 32 degrees of heat, in the shop where I work as in a sauna, everything is + 45 degrees, there is no air conditioning, all day on my feet ... the state of health is not so hot ... the tooth aches a bit, and you need to run to a dental the doctor! The life is full of adventure, I say to myself .... let's go on, turn on the power of the Spirit a little more and relax in the armchair of the doctor, of course there is waiting for you, a toothache, but then the feet will rest, the chair in the dental offices is very comfortable, At the same time you will not forget the practice of meditation under the hum of a drill! The doctor joked, making me injections in a cheerful mood, experiencing severe pain from the injection, went into meditation ... I watched the breathing and relaxed the body, usually with these procedures my body tensed, but thanks to practice, I even had time to rest, while I had an hour with half sealed, as it turned out two teeth!
  • I came home, after a dentist ... in the hope and with the spirit that I should write a report today! But it was not there, the anesthetic injection stopped its action and how I did not try to tune in, even after practicing meditation at home, the toothache increased, and with it the pain in my head ... internal resistance and struggle went on, then I realized that this is the Drawing reality of the situation is that I'm just not able to write a report ... I gave up.
  • The girl with whom I met for a long time, and who all the time wanted to marry suddenly refused, when I suggested it to her. I was just in shock. I felt hurt, lump in my chest, loneliness. Allowed to be these feelings, resigned. Thought so be it.
    At work all the time I did not like, some discomfort and a feeling that I have nothing to do there - not mine. There was resistance and a desire to quit. I resigned myself, I thought it would be as it is, if necessary, then another job will come.
  • At work the employee asked for a cigarette and I got hooked - I thought that I owed him. Then I saw a drawing - I resigned myself, how much will I ask for so much to give. As in the Bible it says - ask the beggar for you and do not turn away from your brother.
  • In general, during this game, the first day was such a joy, on the second day the depression attacked and passed only on the third day, the third, fourth and fifth day the state was better. I went to nature and felt a rush of energy, while doing walking practiced loving kindness.
  •  The boss in the morning asked me about how it was in another branch ... I did not say anything, I felt that his brother told him everything about the clock. Unfortunately, with this boss we already had not pleasant stories in the year where he tried to deceive me about my hours worked I felt that the Rally did not end ... I watch myself no condemnation, no fears, no protection, not even protection excitement has appeared and interest as the Consciousness, will unfold its Game! Half a day passed and the boss said to me: You know my brother told me everything, pay me for the strap ... but do not think we do not want to make money on you! It's fun, I thought ...., the noble man's act all the same collapsed! Well, at least it's good that we did not ask for a day off! I paid for the strap with inner calm, without tears this time and with gratitude to Consciousness for the sign through which I realized that after all, it's probably time for me to start looking for another job!

  You have already realized that no one will play the game for you, just like Life no one will live for you.



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