The 7th Winter Remote Games will be held in the field of Good Karma.

Saturday 20 October, 2018

In the middle of November there will be selections for the 7th Winter Remote Games.

For the first time in the last 7 years, the games will be held in a new format.

What is known about the new format:

The 7th Winter Remote Games will be held in the field of "Good Karma"

  • Players during remote games will neutralize negative karma and develop good karma, which will manifest itself by luck, luck and prosperity, the realization of true desires.

And what is remarkable, each player will contribute to the general Good karma of the group and the general field of the players will affect each participant.

All players will be divided into three clans that will be led by the Awakened players.

  • The clan members will come up with a clan name and a common clan motto, reflecting their group mission during the game together: For example: Clan Jnani, the motto from Light to Light. All members of the clan, after self-evaluation of their game, will offer the clan name and motto, and the leader will choose and voice the final motto and clan name.

During the game, on the forum, we will be able to follow the game of each participant and the action of Good Karma, in the field of which each player falls, taking part in this draw of POWER.

7th Winter Remote Games.

Rama by education is a specialist in group dynamics (how being and development in a group changes the behavior of people, unlike if they moved alone).

It is proved by social psychology on experiments and experiments that often a person alone cannot do and achieve what he can do and achieve in a group, especially in a group of like-minded people.

  • Lila Academy (distance games) online training - elements of group dynamics were made annually.
  • And this year, in the course of the game, each player will contribute to the piggy bank of Good Karma (developing the qualities of kindness, responsiveness, generosity, love and compassion) and together we will watch Good Karma begin to act in the field of all players and return with luck , successes and successful coincidences, the realization of true desires).
  • Some players who have woken up (awakened) and currently have game status (shapeless player) will play “Out of Karma”, demonstrating their game at the level of getting out of duality and readiness for any experience that does not affect the player who has lost his form.
  • Comments on the reports to some players will be sent to even games, to others to odd ones. (But this innovation will not concern players with status (seeker) and playing distance games (Finder level). They will receive comments on the reports if they practice regularly for each game.
  • The rules also remain a condition for receiving a comment from the Sangha (which Rama is included) on your report, only if your practice during the game game was without a pass. (Rule for all players)

In this regard, the requirements for discipline have increased slightly, since without a comment, if you skip practice, you can stay for a long time.

Here you need to understand that a player who does not put effort, aspiration and will, will not receive much attention, because he does not have enough personal strength to be ready for such attention from the conductor.

  • But the main innovation at the 7th Winter Remote Games of this year will be online meetings with Rama, which will be available absolutely for all participants of the Winter Remote Games.

For the first time on-line meetings with Rama were tested at the summer distance games in 2018 and successfully proved themselves. The players wrote in reports that after the on-line meeting with Rama, their game went somewhat differently, they added to their game those instructions that they heard from Rama and above all received a new wave of inspiration PLAY.

  • Yes, Winter Remote Games are the longest draw of power that lasts from 2 to 2.5 months and in order to improve the quality of the game, Rama during online meetings will not only inspire the game, answer questions and tune the perfection in the game , but also to carry out healing sessions of immersion in trance, healing sessions with energy Ilahinur and much more ...


We play :)


... Once I lived with very rich people. I saw their weaknesses, their mistakes, their problems. At the same time, I understood that at this stage of life they have more worldly merits, because they could make a wonderful business, talked to interesting people and could eat in restaurants ...

And realizing this, I just sometimes, even without their requests, washed the floor behind them. Thus, I could show respect for their good karma, which at that time, I was not enough or it did not show ...))

This is me in continuing the conversation about distance and respect in someone else's success ...

  • Helping successful - we ourselves become successful.
  • Helping those who have reached the spiritual steps - we ourselves are spiritually growing ...
  • Because accepting our disinterested services, these people share with us their merits ...))  And this is the best medicine for envy ...



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