I thank you ... Consciousness

Sunday 21 June, 2015

 Namaste Rama :)

I thank you for the opportunity to participate Consciousness Skype-retreat, for the experience which has been obtained by me and passed with so much love and warmth, exactly as you pass frame.

In this period of life when my father died, I did not even know what my reaction would be if it were not for the knowledge and skills Lila Games that I have received from you.

On the day of his death, I was doing meditation in the morning and in the subtle plane's father came to say goodbye to me. I realize it later, when my mother called and said the time of his death, all the same.

The Skype-retreat, I realized that knowledge is power, that every day you need to train and turn out with the help of jokes Consciousness. During the consultations, I opened the subtleties of the practice of revising the history of life, I did not do it sooner.

I went through the process of tracking this practice (drawn from belief) and skill transformation.

Grateful Ilahinur energy, it is surprisingly gentle and healing!

After a review of the practice of life, I constantly refer to the energy Ilahinur I began to feel it without a doubt, because before the mind I always say you do not like and do not like this, after consultation of Skype-no doubt!

During Skype -retrita gone changes in the body for the better, returned to normal processes in the body, namely digestion because Recently, the situation has prompted me and getting stress from them, and from a lack of personal power, not transformed blocks to the end.

On the subtle plane in a dream my mind shows that you are Rama helped me in a dream, how important walking and meditation, and illusion show with his father.

Thank you for the extension of Skype-retreat, it was a deep awareness of such open subtleties that really helped and gave another big push in my expansion of consciousness.

Participating in the project Publicher and typing Skype consultations, I have goes further process of awareness, securing data thee of knowledge, more open ears, rewriting, hear what she heard at the time of the consultation.

There is information processing and pereslushivaya it opens up new moments, surfacing from the unconscious, that I never even remember, and did not know about themselves!

Thanks no limit to the feeling that I've known you all my life and maybe more :) I am writing to experiencing the joy of a smile on his face and .Doverie Love opens with even greater force!

Thank you for the experience and support frame :)

With love and gratitude Will :)



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