Infinitely grateful ...

Sunday 21 June, 2015

Rama! I am very thankful, the existence of a meeting with you.

Your open satsang Okunёvo in June 2014, a video, found an echo in my heart.

Nature, music, words, people, children, person, tent, all this hurt, my heart hooked chord. I was at this satsang. I watched with a feeling, with tears, joy and pleasure at the same time, a half hour of the night to the morning of the fourth, I could not see enough. Sleep did not want to, but including the mind, which is necessary to sleep. I did not expect that from watching a movie to experience such feelings. I have not experienced such feelings while in satsang, but now struck a chord.

Infinitely grateful to you for your books, movies, satsangs.

 And many thanks to the team website for great work done.

For myself, I discovered a lot of new, interesting and unexpected.

I had no idea that he had repeatedly experienced the flash of awakening. Meditations and practices regularly engaged for 10 years.

Since November, I have almost every day visit the site Oasis waking watch videos, listen to satsangs, doing meditation non-action, like working with energy Ilahinur and training deep relaxation of body and mind both.

It has become more than watch, notice the game, rarely signs and occasionally takes notes. I feel like your part-time student. I tried several times to sit down and write to you, but it has been postponed. And every time some unknown force pushes me to write.

I gave this power, it is in fact not fall behind me. And so I write. I am more and more clearly began to notice how it flows around and changing. The internal state is also changing. Test the condition of gravity, impotence, pain throughout the body and a sense of despair, hopelessness, that all in vain and pointless.

 This day is well remembered. There have been instances in your sleep clearly come understanding of the game, the game in a dream, jumping from resounding in my head word game.

 And once it was so hard. I had the idea and had the feeling that I'm dying. I feel it every cell, but there was no fear. I mentally say goodbye to the children, grandchildren, with his family, he asked their forgiveness.

With her husband she did not say good-bye, but still gave him some instructions (just in case). He looked at me in surprise, but did not object. (Now the most ridiculous, and then it was no laughing matter). I lay all day, doing nothing, with full confidence to the life and tranquility. And just now, writing these lines, I realized it dawned realized how to play me out. It was just a joke.




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