And you know there is not scared ...

Sunday 12 July, 2015

 This article I would like to devote to his Zhenyu  .

Zhenyu  was a member of several retreats held near Vladivostok.

Together with all the participants, he was learning his true self, opened and just shared fears and gave part of his warmth.

I remember how he passed the selection on remote Winter Games, honestly admitting their weaknesses, he realized that oh how much work it needs to do with his own self-pity and laziness, behind which fears. Truly great complexity of his life, gave him problems - had the disease: Epilepsy. (seizures). But the irony is that what this disease was and is, the main motivating stimulus pushes Zhenyu develop.

 On one of the retreats we only skimmed the reasons for his illness, we were trying to figure out the connection consciousness periodically turned off, what experience, what feelings it to such an extent refuses to live?

 Zhenyu   tried worked, revealed as he could, as best he could, playing ...