Diary of the Remote Third Winter Games. Issue 3.

Sunday 26 December, 2021

Prayer ...

Greetings of the reality in which

all the elements and all the living and nonliving

creatures appear as if by themselves

itself, to which they awhile

exist and which then returns ...


Students who Infinite sends the path are different in nature.

  • Higher name - "the inhabitants of Heaven," "Children of the Gods."
  • Mid - "heroes".
  • Lower - "related dreams."

"Related dreams" - cork, lame, restless, but will have some, their faith is mixed with doubts. Follow the path of a person for a long time, detachment gain with great difficulty, after great trials. Dissolved in the Infinity at the end of life or leaving this world. Heroes - smart, independent, independent, adventurous, fearless, have a deep trust in the Ways and Master. Tests are courageously. Follow the path exactly, marks obtained during Spirit. Dissolved in the Infinity at the end or the middle of life, then happily dancing in the game Infinity. The inhabitants of Heaven - the best. Detachment, immersed in the boundless, noble, compassionate, serene, wise graceful, capable of everything, they are playful, tested, easy to learn. Infinite dissolved in the beginning or middle of life, then the game and are hovering in the expanse Net Boundless fields while staying on Earth.

That's how you play the game via remote will give you the opportunity to have an adequate self-esteem, on the nature of the student.

Well, we turn to the description of the game draws in the third game of Life:


What do I do to not feel the love? Closed, I move away. I am listening to the mind, trust concepts. Yes, a lot of things I have to do in order to ... I realized.


Awareness is, but not for long! The drawings sticky, especially with family - it is much harder to track than with the characters, which is not so privyazan.Ochen helps when you recall that consciousness is boundless and playing helps you remember who I am.


Observation: cat hiding watching for prey, watching the coordination movement of production, calculates the trajectory of the attack, the dogs smell, hearing.

Awareness: With the game tuning into your breath, Hunter tracks down sensation in the body, the senses, looking for an option, the trajectory of both continue to act in accordance with the marks found hidden in the body!


After practice, I think everything is ready, picked it up with love, with joy and desire to live, ready to go to trial Consciousness.

Again failure ... I scream, I feel anger and rage, but by then. I do not want to beat.


This week, I realized that I did not leave the Code Hunter, he directed me to the promotion of awareness in the sweepstakes.

What am I doing to this happening to me?

-What I make a contribution to what is happening to me?

What can I change in itself that it does not happen?


I was shocked! Even the tears flowed and it was a feeling of joy. Here I think life is a game with me, and I perceived that everything seriously !!!


History of my arrival confirmation. Mom wanted to have an abortion in a hospital in the evening it did not put as a paramedic, said, come in the morning. At night, Dad came from a business trip, saw the documents and burned them in the stove. Consciousness play out this story of my appearance. That's when, apparently, and laid my injury was rejected. Mom gave me just that.


Understand need surrender, I can not give up, defeated dwarf. Why so it happens.

*** A "dream" does not bring happiness and therefore already had a feeling that something is wrong, something escapes, let it all be, and praise consciousness awoke.


I'm afraid to be free, free from what, or free for what? I'm afraid to be free from suffering, to them is so familiar, so I created them because they are beneficial to me. If they will not, I'll be free to self-love. When there is suffering, a lot of strength left for action ...


Another thing I really noticed that I was like two. Earlier, when talking about myself and about the character, it was on the mind of knowledge, not by feelings. Now I have one sad and the other watching. One worry for her daughter, who had a fight with her husband, the other, silently and quietly watch (yes, you're a mother, you put poperezhivat. But it is better to send my love and best wishes of peace and understanding).


Make a Gift to the man is really difficult, especially if the relationship is strained. Performs the man at corporate, words forgotten, confused. It is clear after the speech feels bad. I tell him that he was very artistic, and that he had not listened to, and watched, especially on his biceps. So much gratitude in his eyes when I could not see.


I sit writing. The doorbell rings (not in intercom). I opened, there is a girl of 16 years, the normal - hands, feet on the ground, clean and not badly dressed, holds the note and said in a sad voice: "Read." Well, as usual - died babashka help. I am saying that we work well in the city social services, see, you are sure to help. "Well, at least, eat", this time open the door neighbors, she begins to talk to them. I dialed in the package fruits and give her mind a wish to find his way.


Parents are increasingly becoming clear and recognizable, with their smaller partitions.


How interesting everything changes, a year ago I could hardly force himself to write reports, I have not seen their strength. Now I see better, but it comes at the time of writing, when the time is fully paid currently.


All day ride enjoying the speed, snow, wind and views, hot tea and sweets. Many times a day I am grateful for the opportunities I have.

It should not just abandon it and are not afraid to go there, there is internal motivation to continue their work, show and watch it again and again ... let go and accept with gratitude this day! The downside: I believe that this world is real, our trip was a little bit of this and went to sleep, this would be desirable to pour the feelings and emotions, leave them so they did not end, but continues to play, you need to be emptied for new drawings.


All day crazy impotence barely move around the body. Just sat battery. I begin to move - a bit releases. Significant sensations in the body there, sometimes head aches a bit, where the shoe pinches is not clear.


Consciousness again shows me my tendency to save or her to live her life and hardships. I allow everyone to be, and to these standards, be miserable my mother. I called her amazing voice cheerful and all her good.


Some time ago, I unwittingly fell into the here and now, and feel like an alien, as if I was provided about what happened and it was so interesting. I saw movement: people, cars, wind, animals - all were doing something, about something, and thought everything was happening here and now. Now I understand that this state when I see it.


Very slippery, slowly walking down the boulevard, I feel the rush to help her mother. He looked back and gave her a hand. She squeezed her. Descending from the hills, he wondered free hand, but something did not give me to do it, and I obeyed. So together we have come to a stop. Mentally sending her health, forgiveness and love I felt like my soul was filled with warmth and tenderness. She continued to hold fast to my arm as a kid and I realized that this was the most expensive for her gift. Remembering that I was going for a walk, he warned to be careful. - I will! Tram came, I pulled her hand, and she said, going into it, continues to warn of caution and put them to the hood. Remember: Our parents - do not know how else to express their love. Walking, she continued to mentally refer to the lonely passers-by. But this time went one wish Love.


Through awareness events shows lack of seriousness situations (rather their absence), in which I, being in the present moment, I see the game live experience to be imperfect, stupid - manifestation of relative reality. A decoration is replaced by another, feelings, sensations, emotions go, but I (at the moment) and does not involve watching.


As much left from a past life unpleasant facets and intricacies of this moment, but now I try to take them as I can and live. On the third day of suffering I felt myself separated. I kind of suffering and the situation is not allowed, it is tense and prickly, and I was not so bad. Like me two people, one suffers and the other watches. This is an interesting experience. Different involvement, increased heartache and tears coming, developed as back and forth to look at myself on top ... It seems like a pain bearable, even useful to think. As medicine. I regret, and I support myself, I sympathize and I give myself love. "Do not worry, be patient and it will pass, I'm with you, I know how bad you believe me, I know very well what you're feeling and how hurt you"


I was not always clear what the ministry when I serve and when not to. Today, I had a revelation. A small but it was !!! I am standing wash the dishes and disgusted himself. And suddenly find the feeling. Who I- consciousness! Also I have no one !!! For those who do? For myself! For someone my own? Behind you! During his reflections that help me !!! A wave of gratitude and warmth spread throughout the body. I grabbed a piece of service and experience. And I understood !!! I take care of everything for yourself !!! So who offended ?? To myself!!! No, thanks, for themselves as for "all". Mythical all. And all for yourself !!!


I notice the haste with internal, external, and it is not even look there first slowing down and saw that haste is just energy, such as if a swift and concise and it should just skip ahead without succumbing to it and does not interfere with its flow.

I notice haste to do with internal, external, and it is not even look there first slowing down and saw that haste is just energy, such as if a swift and concise and it should just skip ahead without succumbing to it and does not interfere with its flow.


January 1. 8 ocloc'k. SMS from her son complained that sore leg, and what do I do? I notice a reaction, such as "get" !!! How do I know what to do, if I am very far from it. And immediately remembered about the game ... That is not the son I got, and consciousness plays. Patiently I take the phone and begin to answer ... Somewhere options come good responses and words of support. The character plays the role of a doting mother.


A feeling of heaviness in the chest, depressed state. This concern for her daughter, her future. Go, eto- her way. Consciousness will create everything you need to make it ever remembered who she really is. I can only love.


And to begin it is necessary from the pope. I try to accept it. All the same, no matter what he loves me, he just does not know how to show that love and probably considers it a sign of weakness. So I think - I can not be weak and I can not afford it. His family did not spoil him too fondly. How did he open up and show love, if he does not know how to do it? The best thing I can do - is to show their love by taking it as he is, without judgment, without hate. But to solve in his head - this one and start changing - is another.

Before the new year my mother had time to tell me new stories from the life of his father, and now I was going back home with a spirit not to talk to him. I got a certain behavior, even on the phone can not speak normally.

Going with the mood in the house, I suddenly saw a neatly dressed dad with a smile on his face, happily looking at her granddaughter. I fell into a stupor. On the one hand something to whisper in my ear all the sad history and past grievances, so that like dry growl out a greeting, and pass into the room, and on the other - I was in the moment and now all these stories were unimportant. Now is a great chance to go against the stereotype of my behavior towards my father and to act according to this present moment.

I smiled and kissed the pope. She held out her daughter, so she kissed grandfather. I saw how my father wanted to communicate. We walked into the room and for the first time in a long time I calmly listened to his stories about work, politics really listen and not pretended to listen.

Praise for the fact that my mother helped with the repair of the kitchen (although mom unflattering comments on this aid). His father beamed. The first time I was away with a warm feeling inside his parents' home. I was filled with love. I did not go on about your ego, I have lived the moment with his father, not looking back at the past, and was grateful for that Consciousness.


During practice I worked on the sensations in the body - nasal congestion. Injustice. The event turned out associated with her husband. In my observation, he says: - Go live on the street. Shadow - sharpness, cruelty. Prick - I do not like unnecessary. Reunion masks and shadow. Ego - a trend - it should not be. But be it as it is, everything just happens. Who am I? Consciousness will compete for such an event. I accept everything as it is. Silence. Who am I going to argue and fight? Herself? My character is to be lived. I - Consciousness itself play out.


Drawing caught me when I was two days did not doing meditation (holidays overpowered).

My first time. The husband goes to friends, because at home bored one, there develops high jinks, and he decides to stay and spend the night there. I receive a message from him about this immediately understand that here it is !!! My joke !!! It's one of those situations in which I act mechanically wrong EVER! ... But, apparently, very little strength and I get into a conversation on the phone, expressing resentment (I've been working on, and you're having fun!), Distrust (it there for the company such a fun, huh?), irritation. Hold the line and understand that losing is near ...... speculated customizable, I come home and do the meditation in the evening, in the morning at work the next day, do not let your thoughts fly to the past (old grievances), the future (negative scenarios events that I write the master), focus on the HERE AND NOW - on their work, the good, the whole day is painted by patients. Always think about what life and the people around are beyond me, they manifest themselves by their free will, and I can only take it all and be happy, or to fight and suffer ..... I decide that I want to trust in life and to be happy ! I come home and - OPA !!! - There is no conflict. They laughed, joked and all ... and all !!!! Previously, it would have been delayed in their mutual contempt long silences in a couple of weeks at least!


I watch yourself, learn to notice much, but unfortunately, after some reflection, retrospectively. Can not see myself here and now, everything seems to some delay in time, in hindsight, they say. That is, it turns out that constantly waving fists after the fight))))

I want to reduce the delay to a minimum, to see myself from the outside in the present and immediately corrected. I'll work on it.


I had a blind spot, I could not accept myself as a victim. Victim avoids responsibility. - I was angry at his son for his irresponsibility.

Now, when something goes smoothly, I ask myself what I role victims or player. And honestly I answer yourself. Vision allows me disidentify oneself and change the game, or accept it as is.


For this game he revealed his behavior when I want to punish someone - a tacit insult and ignore loved ones when they begin to show me that I was not what it should be. Fear of rejection, loneliness. Kontrubezhdenie - I accept and love myself for who I am. What is new behavior - verbalize their fears and resentment.


Saw Consciousness loves me and helps to believe in themselves in their strength and ability that inner work opens the door to him when you're watching him and around him.

This gave me a feel a subtle world of consciousness, I began to perceive the vision of energy as a whole. The trends that manifested themselves dissolved in the stream of Love.


Four days lain with a high temperature.

What is my joke?

It is to live a weakness, fear of loneliness and death.

She has lived and his weakness, fear of loneliness, fear of death


The conversation with her husband about what he is afraid of - failed. Closed and silently resists ...

She brought her husband to tears. Cried like a child, I fell to my knees.

We need to breathe, relaxing your body. There's where it hurts - relax. And I miss the emotions through the body. Give them flow. Encouraged Ilahinur, asked for help to feel at the moment, to understand and accept the situation as it is.

Came clarity, a burst of energy in the body said goosebumps. The husband was asleep. I'm at the computer, diary supplemented description Rally.


I see - my father began to give up the body slowly breaks down, and is now in the acute phase it can not afford to eat, drink. I say to myself, my body - that's actually held just a moment, and you will not be like before, you will not have access to all the joys that actually destroy you even more. Body Soul - you identify with the body, running away from the experience, and the fear of death with the body you go to an expensive failure, it may take a moment, and you still have to meet face to face with that fear.


I let my dwarf do nothing entirely dive into sloth and slumber. This still remains the observer who allows everything to be.


Get comments and assignment to the third game, I was really interested in, and what I draw these situations in my life that are repeated under certain conditions. I went and thought, looking for an answer, but there was no clarification, and meditation is not to reveal hint. I understand that all should be easy, it's somewhere near, just do not see ... And one of the breaks, I'm going to read a book in the sun, the house took two and a habit to read first one, and then take on the other, at this time it is not activated. And when you consider that we have in this house a library and my decadent mood that play does not work and did not seem to get everything from beginning to end, with my perfectionism only do all right, well, or did not do. So I do not take any kind of friend who have not read in a previous visit, and went to read "To see the face of God," and a miracle !!! For example, Omega, I saw, I understood and found the answers! Yes Yes Yes! I realized that I did all of pity! Like love, but more out of pity. And I realized that if there is a victim, there will be a tyrant, and not in this situation, only one polarity, returning boomerangs. They seem to be telling me that no stay out of our lives with its capabilities, and if I wanted to help, then you need to change the motivation to do out of love, not pity!


With wishes of good mental health, and so on. E., The same practice for a long time, but only now in meditation find that these desires only do people destitute, poor health, drinking, smoking, etc., but never outwardly looking people rich, successful, healthy. Why is that? And here comes out fear, I am afraid to be in their place, and how to spot the disadvantaged, and the place of the rich ...! Behind this fear of loneliness. Tracked, accept, forgive, and I thank her "violent" youth, let go of her mother's gratitude Installing- "did not live lavishly, there is nothing to start," I thank the consciousness that showed razdelennost.Vse one.


In meditation often the expansion of consciousness, ceases to feel the boundaries of the body - I have it all! Consciousness can reach all -

You can be anywhere, and by anyone: the North Pole (felt cool, pobyla of the blizzard) in the desert (heat, dust storm, feeling pass

difficult), sea (it was a dolphin, a sense of contact with water are completely different, not as a person), all feelings pass

hard words almost nevozmozhno.Ponimayu what to look for silence and meditation in the moment of now, but as long as puts, but apparently, and this feeling

multidimensionality of space needed. I'm young, I have corrected))))


Celebrate the birthday of his daughter, went to the movies, played slot machines in the evening at the banquet table guests staged competitions were

fun, all guests left the prizami.Prazdnik success, also because as a player, I tried to give attention to each, to give love through prizes

choosing I thought of loved ones, through food, it is prepared taking into account the tastes of each. Periodically turn my inner observer who enjoyed the game, joy, laughter - give a boost of energy, fun. Who gets it? MULTIDIMENSIONAL MY HIGHER SELF!

All drawings are satisfied with IT, so that I in this body, in this world of duality lived experiences and these experiences, feelings, emotions, and it feels

I feel just like I feel - different and can not be, because we are one! PLAY - this is a game!


I invent a variety of reasons and practices, ostensibly does not suit me, and maybe not at all my idea. But everything is easier. Laziness. This kind of work (regular and monotonous in a sense) I've never been able to do. But this time, the instructions came and meditation I did not miss. When the transition to the wishes of the people with whom I have had the "complexity", manifested all sorts of resistance, for example, started out terribly itchy nose or the mind carried away somewhere so far and so fast that I after a while-even I am surprised to find herself sitting in the practice.


It was parting with the man. His role in this would not see. It covers up all resentment and anger at him. Here the situation is revealed. I saw and recognized the negativity that caused the man with his hand. It is compassion for the man. But it was not heavy. The feeling was bright, clean. Then literally poured quiet light feeling of love. Then I had to live sadness, from which "ran" for many years. Grief turned out so strong, endlessly flowing into the heart that at some point it seemed that the heart can not stand it. Survive.


Week New Year holidays! The third game takes place in the context of increasing fog Rajas and Tamas. But the players showed a stable game and at this point in the game.

Flower 23 points - 65% of the return game

Rainbow 22 points - 90% of the return game

Volcano 22 ballov- 80% return game


closes the game in this game three of the players:

Music 10 points - 50% of the return game

Wind 4 points - 80% of the return game

Wanderer 4 points - 35% of the return game



Just be in the middle.

Play it!



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