Upgrading the site 2015. Article 2.

Monday 10 August, 2015

Namaste, dear players!

So modernization of the site is almost complete.

For you to be able to use all site features, we recommend that you carefully review all the innovations that have been made on the site.

So, sit back and start to click and check all the items on their own experience.

Getting Started!

1. emoticons. Now, during the writing of reports, as well as correspondence with the conductor in the chat, during the passage of selections on the event, as well as during remote Games - you can use an expanded set of emoticons. Emoticons are now sent without a hitch and attached to both the text and without text.

2. The attached file. Also, you can send attachments like printing, do not print the text in the report window, see top photo.

2.1. Refuse. Repeatedly, participants accidentally pressed the button to abandon the passage of selections and then it becomes impossible to continue the passage selections and remote games through this nickname, so now after pressing refuse, a window pops up in which you must confirm your intention. But still - be careful!

3. Sangha. Now, during the elections in the event and during remote Games you will accompany the Sangha. (Meaning of the word hope you will find on the website under the project).

4. PERSONAL OFFICE. Folders Contents for learning.

SECTION READ - now open the text on the site through a modal window with the contents.

In the LISTEN Player installed, which looks beautiful and convenient and allows you to listen to the material being in a private office.

Under Video - The same applies to video, video to open directly on the site, added a pop-up window.

5. Archive meropriyatiy.Papka EXPERIENCE.

The personal account of players added to the archive activities (experience). This folder will store all the history of your participation in the drawing force as at the Oasis of Awakening and the Academy of Leela. You will be able to re-read their reports and comments to them after a while.

6. Enter personal cabinet will be kept for 48 hours. In order to maintain the security, if you have not visited the site more time will need to re-enter the personal cabinet.

7. Music. The player added to the mixer shuffle playback tracks and now you can listen to music on the front page of the site in different sequences, of course alternated periodically (perhaps one every three days or a week).

On the wish to leave the music playback, and when you open the other tabs of the site, we recommend the following:

Opened the front (home) page and turn on the player, you can follow the window open in a new window, and then, looking like the news page, you will hear music from the still open the home page. If you wanted to stay in silence, then you just need to turn off the player on the home page.

9. Now, when a large number of pages of content in the blog section, the number of news roundels with page numbers done by removing 3 roundels, as well as at a considerable distance from the start and end of the article is displayed with "the end" and "the beginning of"

10. Slider. Changed the mode switch slides. Now the disappearance of the previous slide smoothly and the emergence of a new image is more elegant.



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