"... Do not be attached to inaction"

Wednesday 26 August, 2015

Participants of the project "Open Heart", have begun to explore one of the most powerful tools that can be used in counseling - Erickson hypnosis.

The advantage of this method is its ability to bypass the magical psychological defenses and go directly to the darkest, vulnerable part of our soul, while having reliable anesthesia trance (izmennёnnogo -gipnoza state of consciousness).



"Open Heart", slowly but surely, carefully mastering counseling skills by level of training paths hunter and warrior gain the necessary experience, counseling primarily to each other that one day will give them the freedom of expression, lightness and ease during the consultation players Academy Leela any level.

The players are clearly aware that they are trained for counseling ministry in Oasis Awakening and the possibility of pro bono work for the good of awakening forces of consciousness.

His task Ministries at the meeting, each player once again realize clearly, answering the question: what for him is the service? What is different from the ordinary activities of the ministry and that is selfless service?
But the main issue of the meeting was the study of the peculiarities Skype counseling.

Open Hearts thoroughly investigate flaws in this method of counseling and have found ways to neutralize them and perhaps even the skillful use of them for the good cause.

In the upcoming winter games will be introduced remote new opportunity for the players of the Academy of Lila urovney- receive individual consultation Skype players, "Open Hearts".

It must be said that the group "Open Hearts" has undergone a half years, the changes in its composition. From the beginning, the group was introduced rating, which revealed the most capable players to counseling and mature to serve. To date, the group of players who remained steadfastly withstood all the tests of selection and rightly continues to master all the subtleties and nuances as counseling and ministry.

Especially the "Open Hearts" is the fact that the participants in addition to data and the ability to introduce consultations should have the maturity to serve. And if counseling can teach, it can not be taught to the service, that is what must come from an open heart and a sincere desire, as well as understanding.

Group "Open Heart" this month has left the player Lotus (absent from the meeting) .tak well as all the players on the

left the project Lotus encouraged to participate in service projects with the free terms of service.

Well, the "Open Heart", at the last lesson, learned quickly to establish contact with the counselee and learn the skills to restore the trance state of consciousness.

Education Group "Open Hearts" continues. To consolidate the skills and allow you to easily and naturally you will need to consult further training for about five years.
Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is a meditative dynamism - a simple definition, but it has a deeper meaning. You have to be awake, but at the same time be unaware of their little "me." Man must not forget about yourself and at the same time engaged in intense activity.

The body and mind perform multiple actions, but you remain motionless in a state of contemplation, meditation, awareness. That is the ideal, but it can not be achieved by thinking about it - needed effort and practice.

But it is very easy to be deceived into thinking that you are practicing karma yoga, whereas in reality it is a false karma yoga. This leads to confusion, and your being there is no absolutely no change.

Many people are engaged in various kinds of philanthropic activities: they donate huge sums of money to various funds and charities, organizing shelters, social services, etc. Of course, many of these acts bring wealth to others; In this sense, they are positive and useful deeds. But at the same time, these philanthropists do not necessarily reach the meditative experiences.

Why is that?

The reason is simple: they are often doing "selfless work" out of selfish motives, pursuing hidden agenda - perhaps achieving respect or status in society. It certainly is not karma yoga, no matter how good social effects. To practice karma yoga does not necessarily work in the pension system and social security. You just need to do any work with as little as possible a sense of ego - and you can be a farmer, nurse, engineer, office workers or anyone else.

Important is not the activity itself, but the attitude to it and the feelings that you are experiencing at the same time. When the work is done to the highest or spiritual goal, it becomes karma yoga - if not, then it's just a job.

A man from a primitive tribe to kill animals for food, while the hunter often kill animals for sport. The action is the same, but different reasons. So it is with karma yoga - to change attitudes, but not necessarily action. Changing actions and work without a change in attitude will never lead to any significant experience.



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