The announcement of the seventh book:

Wednesday 16 September, 2015

In March 2015, Oasis Awakening launched a new project "Publisher".

In July, the publishing house "Renome" Spb. and Oasis Awakening, released the fifth book of Rama "Ilahinur -Bozhestvennaya energy awakening."

And in October, out of the print-ready sixth and seventh book.

The design covers and illustrations for books 6 and 7 running our old friend, the designer Roman Olmezov, who also is the author of the logo Oasis Awakening and designer covers for audio CDs. Now Roman lives and works in Shanghai (China).

Team Oasis Awakening, led by Joke player also actively involved in the publishing process.

                                                                                                  Annotation to the seventh book.

This book is the fruit of karma yoga students of Rama, who translated satsangs (conversation) Frames in text form.

Knowledge in these texts as the concentration that the main recommendation of the readers - the book should not be read quickly.

Choose chapter and read slowly, deeply delving into the meaning of what Rama and reaffirming assimilated intelligence in practice, and only then move on to the next section. All books Rama advised to read that way.

                                                                     The text on the back cover ("Conversations with Rama")

In 2006, after ten years of purposeful practice sessions hunter and warrior, Ram Hare game opened Leela, and then, in one of the draws, awakening happened to him, a flash of realization Who Ya

Illumination was incredibly clear and overwhelming, but the resulting knowledge - incomplete and requires further clarification. The frame is sent to India to seek realized spiritual master, who would be able to clarify the knowledge that Rama opened during the first outbreak of Awakening.

Over the next five years, I learned the game Rama Hare, spent the winter in India, at the foot of Arunachala, retreated into silence and made the inner workings of disidentification with what was not.

In 2013, he met enlightened master Sri Bagavat. After a meeting with Sri Rama Bagavat search is over, all the questions disappeared.

In 2013-2014, with the blessing of Sri Rama Bagavat he held a series of satsangs. The main thing is what was said to them, you will find in this book.

Moreover, here it is given a clear distinction between the two important concepts that appeal to spiritual seekers: enlightenment and liberation.

What contributes to enlightenment, to learn through reading of texts.

In this book, Rama invisibly sends you the knowledge, revealing its different angles.



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