Soul Mission 2015 Afterword.

Sunday 22 December, 2019

 In 2015, the players of the Academy of Leela, held a mysterious conversation, part of the curriculum at the Academy Leela: Soul Session Discovery Mission.

 What it is? As well as those who were not in this session, the participants of this retreat did not have a complete picture of what it is exactly.

 According to the concept of training at the Academy of Lila, three key stages in the training session at the Academy Lila- Discovery Mission Soul Full Surrender (enlightenment) and Full Probuzhdenie- kept secret.

 But the general impression, the participants of the Discovery mission last Session share with you:

  • After the opening session of the Mission of the soul, came to me a deep understanding of what the problem of the soul, you must do in this life. And what an interesting pattern all intertwined. It was there where come the suffering is the very place where forgotten on the implementation of the main tasks of the mission. Amazing experience will see the game of consciousness as you guide and direct, it is in the experience of what you most needed to fulfill its mission of Soul. It turns out everything, everything, everything, any event of this embodiment is made in accordance with the mission of the Soul. In front of me opened a layer of unknown and misunderstood, which will recognize the remote game, I feel that the borders of my mind expanded.

I bow to you, and many thanks to Rama, because this experience happened just now, it happened before, this deeper understanding exactly would have happened. I also want to write about the service, as I understand it. Any my action directed to the outside, with full return of knowledge, skills, effort, without expectation of reward, is service.

  • Session opening mission, I held the second time, this time that I was shown, it was a big surprise for me. There was one main message that I must fulfill in this lifetime, but it's not easy, you need to accept the reality and pass a motive, fears, to fulfill its mission. Everything was in the same breath, it seemed to me very quickly. Conveniently, there is now a place where you can meet like-minded people, and all the energy is concentrated, focused in one direction, everything is one very good cause. It also contributed to my opinion, our dive.

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     With Love, Sangha Oasis Awakening.



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