Efforts should be properly applied.

Sunday 06 December, 2015

You can not drop in the ocean
You endless ocean in a drop ...
Everyone here, in this samsara, O best of the Raghu, a man reached his own efforts, the right application.
As the rising moon fills the heart of a pleasant coolness, because only through their own efforts achieved the desired result, and nothing else.
The results of their own efforts are felt by each person, and no one saw what is called fate, it is - an invention the foolish and lazy.
Own efforts - those mental and physical activities, which are made in accordance with the instructions of the wise man, then they bring the result, otherwise - it is pointless stress.
(Yoga Vasishta)

The Oasis Awakening, started retreats "dive inside yourself."
In order for one to understand what our true otozhdestvlenie- need to reject all false identifications.
But to reject all the false identification of the same must be recognized.
As long as the false identifications are not recognized - they will continue to hold a non-conducting, and accordingly support the suffering.

Participants retreats go on an inner journey, known only to them and how it happens, they are divided in their reports:

  • I expected one, but everything is always different and probably have time to simply accept things as they are, but no having any expectations.
  • Aching body, long forgotten blocks in the body revived and all at once, and each block is talking about his, it is populated all at once, that at some time I wanted to just give up on the whole, what is going on around, but the ego-dwarf was against. I saw very clearly that resistance, this obstinacy, fueled by fear, did not want to listen, or do not delat.On clung to their beliefs, like a drowning man clutches at a straw, fear of life and death. It seems that these beliefs will give him some support and protection. From what? What is so terrible and that he understands, in spite of the resistance? That belief is only a thought, an illusion, and he understands that this is the case, but nevertheless need for something to hold on, but otherwise .... Death? Who will die? Anyone who does not? Anyone who also thought the image? There is a void where there is me ... but who is? the one who sleeps. He sometimes wakes up in some bright moments of emotional outbursts of feeling, and then he sleeps.
  • Another gift. I saw the fear of rejection, fear of death for him. Where did it come from the childhood pattern, the belief that you should not believe. I saw this conviction destroy itself. We need to fix this in the life of the understanding, that is not making machinery.
  • Looking out to sea, saw the mind and character, they are like the waves come, there are some, on time and breaking on the shore, disappearing form-body and the contents poured into the total. I saw a cold, unemotional and even unconscious consciousness that just is, and will be, despite all the resistance of a grain of sand-ego. And then at night I realized that all this gave me a consciousness of love, which I did not feel understood at once, while the motives and pains of the body. I thank you for everything.
  • Many thanks for taking care of Pearls, warmth and love.
  • At the last retreat "Dive into yourself" I have collected such gifts as compassion (seeing as it is sometimes difficult not to succumb to trends), respect (the character has every right to do what he does not interfere), humility before the reality and a force that is stronger than the ego.
  • Noticed was the lack of emotion, and the mind has already started to worry about the fact that there is not the excitement (it was fun). And of course the most important thing - being (entity) is filled with love, wanted to share.
  • My Thanks to this experience, and all that exists!
  • Before this retreat, I devoted all my meditation identification, trend analysis and transformation illusion of fear of death. In recent years it has become less energy, I can easily see signs of this illusion in everyday life without being involved in meditation steadily realize himself as "not the body or the mind."
  • My goal in this retreat was the awareness of yourself, of who I am in fact, remain unaffected Consciousness that there is no body.
  • From the outset, in the arrival of the body it has become responsive: a small headache started. On Saturday afternoon to three hours of meditation sat in deep meditation: I- consciousness, the body did not flinch, no muscle rest, slow breathing, heat energy is distributed throughout the body. After lunch, the physical pain in the body began to grow, although it was not strong. I saw again the illusion of manifestation of fear of death, but realize that it's just a thought, a fantasy of the mind. From the subconscious surfaced life circumstances on the verge of physical survival, when my mind was screaming in fear. But now I know that both life and death, everything is run by Hare, from the characters depends nothing to fear and no sense, everything will be as is. All the remaining time on Saturday held a basic job, transforming fear, living it, accepting the death, if the mind so wills. On Sunday, I wake up with hypertensive crisis: headache, body trembling, nausea, and so on. The morning meditation continued to work, but the consciousness is again identified with the body and mind. In severe physical and emotional pain I forget who I am and completely merge with the body and mind.
  • The conclusion is that personal power is currently little to remember their true nature under any circumstances. I continued on his way.
  • This dive was a heavy (((. To track a strong clue for the result. From the fact that there was an expectation, it was difficult to identify himself again. The mind is constantly dictating what to do. Keep track of severe fatigue and a ban on fatigue. Again, this is ego.
  • At the same time the body is easily sitting. And the mind or asleep, or I thought wildly. Thoughts flew ridiculous. They are easy to track, but it is difficult to understand. Full acceptance of thoughts. Although the day when I returned home in the evening, there were events that were intertwined with these ridiculous thoughts, as if I could see the future. Now it remains for me to just give up. No result-too result.
  • I want to mention the discipline that exists in these retreats and respect for leaders and participants, which reigns in the Oasis. That honor belongs to which Pearl to all participants !!! For this she kowtow.
    Now comes the realization that all of that would not have happened had to happen. And where you do not see everywhere the ego. Even consciousness is manifested through the ego. And everyone living in this world according to their perception of the world through the mission of the soul.
    I saw the future. Now it remains for me to just give up. No result-too result.

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