In the waters of verily I melted like salt ...

Tuesday 15 December, 2015

In the waters of verily I melted like salt ...
 ~ Rum

Sure, I wish you all a heart to reach its goal, reach it, hard enough, if you do not stop half-way.
Only through their personal efforts, Indra has achieved its status and became king of all three worlds.
Only the efforts achieved by the lotus position-born Brahma resplendent consciousness immobile Brahman.
Even Vishnu, under the banner of Garuda, reached its best position among the creatures, their efforts seeking to own the highest goal.
And Shiva, jeweled crescent moon, in company with his playful companion, reached its high position only through their own efforts.
The human ability to make the highest effort under the leadership of the scriptures and sages has the power to bring the desired results, but without such leadership efforts useless.


So, at the Oasis Awakening continues retreats "Dive into yourself" and students of the Academy of Leela continue to know himself, doing the right direction praktikami- EFFORTS.
The training program involves not formal and theoretical training, and genuine transformation and preobrazovanie- a result of training on the Academy Levels Lila, through their own efforts at the top of the Knowledge.
To follow the program obucheniya- player really should have the power. The training program presented in "sweepstakes force" Consciousness arranged in the form of events -retritov Academy Lila - really check the power level of the player and if fitted to bestow gifts, because to master FREE, you must be able to accept it.

About how the retreat was held for the participants, we can learn from their self-observation.

· I want to express my gratitude for the last retreat "Dive deep into himself." Almost - I was nearer my body - I became his best to feel and to pay attention to his "requests" during the retreat I experienced pain in the body, especially in the legs and living this pain gave me to understand that all these feelings I create myself , its wrong attitude to life. I accumulate them when they do not notice the signals the body to express themselves, their emotions or suppress their control, when I go on about their desires or fears. And then when my resistance has reached a peak and have the energy to sit more, I understood very clearly that the cumulative pain - the result of my immature actions. Services was the experience of a new feeling in the body, when, after a few times will override the pain, the heat came from the feet up to the body and I felt confident in the support legs appeared.

· The second experience was an immersion in the fear associated with the events of his childhood. All units retreat I felt on top of the chest and at the end of the retreat from the breath I was able to dive into the feelings associated with these blocks. I felt the emotion of self-pity, and as a consequence to others, and was able to go through some of these emotions that have not been lived then in residence, I saw that the unlived emotions strongly influences the perception of my daily life, painted in pale tones of the event, does not allow to experience freedom , disclosed. I was unable to fully live the fear that is behind this emotsiey- fear of being weak, but even after the release of the body of these emotions significantly relaxed attitude and became friendly.
· Thank Silence of the positive atmosphere in which the retreat was held, and for the help of the inner workings.
· Thank you Pearl for warmth and comfort, very pleased to be in Oasis
· Retreat was amazing and rich. Everything went fairly easily without much resistance.

· Clings periodically my favorite trend, but should have the humility and the mind calms. Internal work was the energy flow without blocking bodily sensations. The body and ego were obedient, connecting and dissolve in the moment of silence and tranquility. It came greater awareness of the outside world and the inner world are all thoughts that come from nowhere and go nowhere.

· Experience joy and warm feelings of love for the players, who selflessly and purposefully carry out internal work and to give up and is now a state of ease and fluidity.

· Thanks Pearl preserving the warmth and comfort in the heart of Oasis Awakening (discreetly, leaving traces of their attention and care, then a cup of hot herbal tea left in the room after a walk, lovingly cooked dinner. Tasty and amazing, and the terms of its presence in the However, it is nowhere). Thanks Rama Consciousness Way.

All is not as it seems. Probably way to describe my experience at this retreat. Expectations. They never coincide with reality. I chose a two-day retreat, relying on their strength, also clearly wanted to dive in full, to die, so die. Dying does not work, but I got one of the most unexpected gifts for yourself - it's a vision of how to trigger defense mechanisms and how cleverly built resistance to the mind.
Firstly, I thought it was ready for such a long meditation. I study at home at least an hour in the morning and evening. On the retreat sat rooted to the spot. Body dutifully executes the command of the mind: sit and meditate. The first half of the day I do not care about any signals of the body or tingling, or pain, or numb legs and arms. Told to sit, the body sat. At this time in the head raging thoughts. I could not appease them, the time of the first trip to the sea, I was already well annoyed by these thoughts. Domestic work does not go well, and I was again plunged into self-flagellation on the complete worthlessness, turning into resentment and anger at his own existence, where I have to take some experiments to learn something, and so on. On the sea was wild cold. It was a complete surprise, preview the weather forecast spoke of a warm atmosphere in the street. The cold body was shaking, icy air burned nose and throat, arms and legs numb. I could not look at the sea, it was steel, and even yellow lights from the ships seemed somehow a mirage, not a warming ray of hope. I tried to breathe, to walk with his eyes closed, closer to the water to play with the oncoming waves. Hope no meditation, no matter what, just to warm up, it was not. After 20 minutes I wandered hopelessly in the opposite direction to the car, his hands in his sleeves down jackets. And here's what happened - I wanted to go to sleep. It is warm, deceptively warm, unrealistic, dangerous, like the lost climbers in the mountains before finally freeze. I felt it and at that moment she saw clearly, I do not want to accept the reality of the cold, and with what pleasure is ready to dive into the sweet and dangerous dream, but would not feel the pain. As it is in tune with the whole life! Sweet dream, if only to avoid the pain. This was the first gift. After I saw it, my eyes opened, the body took a deep breath and straighten out the cold air, so I quietly wandered to the car, but not doomed, and taking. All were sitting and basking, and I still was, and I did not want to hurry, I enjoyed taking the pain.

During the evening practice self-flagellation continued and then I finally began to feel pain in the body. I noticed another resistance. Weaknesses. I'm afraid to appear weak and afraid of the manifestations. Came the thought of her daughter, they are, in general, and most of all spinning in my head. I feel the fear of its loss. I tried to live it, to go into it without going to a higher level (at the moment I do not even remember that it is necessary to go deeper) but only increases fear itself.
The next morning, the sea came over prepared clothes, but still depressed internally. I went straight to the water. Today it was warmer, I began to watch the breath while staring at his feet. And then I began to notice the shells. Strangely, only yesterday I saw a huge shell, similar to each other, but now I see that they are all different, big, small, double disclosed and curls, shimmering and dark, each unique in its own way. They all belong to the sea and at the same time themselves. They can not be compared. And each of us is unique. At the same time we are all united, all in one, as the shells into the sea. I was finally released. I smiled, enjoying the walk, the sun came up, it was very nice. I was at the water and the waves, playing, repeatedly touched my feet. Will not have to hurry, the cold was not. Today, the car had to honk to seat players at their seats.
Quickly found himself in the void, thought somewhere far away and peace. The following practice allows the body to succumb to the pain, bend, taking the weakness. Unbearably sore right foot. All in all this pain, I can not identify with it.
This retreat - a unique experience. Pearls are grateful for the loving care and a delicious meal. Silence is grateful for the confident, quiet accompaniment, gently guide inward in search of answers to their questions. And thank you for this opportunity to frame these 4 days a welcoming, comfortable home! The game continues...

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