21 retreat Thiruvannamalai. Afterword.

Monday 29 February, 2016

In Thiruvannamalai (India) completed 21 days silent retreat held Leela Academy for the formless levels of players.

The participants of the retreat had the task of total ego surrender.

About how this happened understanding and delivery of the delivery itself, you can see in the reports of players, but first, we recall, as is said, one of the teachers of Rama Ramesh Balsekar.

"... Only that precedes the appearance of the body-consciousness, there is your true self That's reality. This is - here and now can be no question about the fact that someone was able to achieve or realize it.

Man, fear of insecurity and hoping for help from higher powers, creates the concept of a supernatural God. But this God, and the very essence of striving for safety in it, both of them - no more than a concept.

Experience is never real, but only conceptual. Whatever the experience, it is an event, taking place only in the mind ... "

So, now the statements of participants of the retreat:

  • Thank you for participating in the draw the Force for the experience of delivery and flow of knowledge! The journey was filled with constant practical jokes, so consciousness is ready illusory personality to complete surrender. By creating the conditions and place of power, it has been prepared everything necessary for renting. It was important to follow clearly the path and be in the flow of the Master. Readily accommodate different states, watched the scene moments and events and razotozhdestvlyatsya seeing the game. And then everything happened quickly and spontaneously. Consciousness has gained strength and experience, came clarity and understanding, that this world is unreal and around the Maya-illusion which continually blurs and leads away from reality. It was shown in the place of power in Tyre, where a variety of traditions, beliefs, being an image forms of existence, which intertwine the purity and filth, poverty and riches, ugliness and beauty, exotic and simplicity of nature. This helped to detect trends and then deep in meditation to transform the stream and transform ... The work took place constantly and it was not possible to relax the intensity was high, worked all systems of the body extracting the Force to fully surrender. Moment of surrender took place during the last test, walking around the mountain. It is impossible to convey in words what happened. I clearly understood that the effort, determination and a willingness to dissolve the fear in the way. I fell in love with the place sattvic forces. Sacred Mount Arunachala and the cave in it, where high vibration streams are silent knowledge and open heart. Thank you for the gift and consciousness awakening. Thank you Master for knowledge, for reverent and sensitive attitude, confidence and direction for the road.
  • City Tyre - this is truly a city disidentification. Upon arrival, the ego felt euphoric, blissful state, people are smiling, with an open heart and childlike. Then he went to the intense inner work. Consciousness has provided all the conditions for the delivery of items ego - long meditation, Annamalai Temple with a strong field of energy, the ascent of Mount Arunachala, Pradakshana procedure mundane, and of course a continuous and precise steering box frames which did not give "sleep" character, revealing blind spots ( when the ego quietly warmed with its charter and repeatedly replicate it). The invaluable experience gained knowledge of Rama, which opened again and again, to deepen awareness and stay in the moment right now. It should be noted that long-term exercise and practice for me were simple deep awareness where the ego to give up, finding no support from the character, dissolving into the void and non-interference power. Opened forgotten deep in the subconscious, the events in order to once again not to injure the sensitive soul. Again and again amplified the fear of death, plunging character in horror, exacerbating already established wounds in the body. However, delivery occurs at the moment of feeling the illusory nature of the world with its colors and theatrical puppet deities, continuous noise and hum of the streets, the battle drums, singing in the church. Born moment of gratitude and respect to this mysterious people, its traditions and customs. Yes, feeling the experience of living here for a few days equates to years of the life of my character. The accumulated power allows torque to be constant inner work, recognizing and accepting any manifestation of the present moment. This amazing world opened and simultaneously disappeared. Stayed moment of feeling constantly changing experiences and when you are in the source, is the adoption of any experience. It's so interesting! Who cares? Dwarf amused, humbled and disappears. And there is no blame, traitors, offenders, and have experience of appearing in the present moment. And all the beliefs and concepts burst like soap bubbles.
    It is a gift of Consciousness that have teachers who gathered under the wing of our players. Thanks to Rama, and the participants of the retreat.
  • At the beginning of the retreat, I was tasked with - disidentify ... "bad" and "good", "painful" and "pleasant", "whiner victim" and "hero" ... As I performed this task during the retreat. ..Predlozhenie frames of tonsure was seen happily, willingly. On the eve of the retreat, he said here would be good to get a haircut in India. For me, this was parting with the idea of ​​himself as a person. Throughout the retreat, there was a feeling of long, very full of days, diverse experiences and states. Throughout the retreat, there was a feeling of long, very full of days, diverse experiences and conditions and all the conditions (by Rama Consciousness) were given the opportunity to watch all the cyclical changes ... floated long-forgotten stories of life, painful and unpleasant and lived them with a new vision and adoption. Increasingly aware of the state of complete surrender and there was a clear vision of who does not give up, how sometimes there is a strong identification with him (illusion), and then there is also clear vision of how I do it myself and there is surrender. I found a very fine point of distinction, where efforts are needed, and where there are just. Amazing experience "work" with dreams. I will continue. Notes Rama and other players pay attention to blind spots, invisible trends, so I began to study them and to notice as the "trigger" the protection automatically, without awareness. The main obstacles to the full delivery of it is the fear of physical pain, powerlessness, helplessness and death of the body. And clearly realized the attachment and sticking to sattwic, blissful pleasures.
    It is the vision of the roles of the game without identification ... evil, good, sad, funny, mom, wife, woman, worker, student ... and the whole spectrum of feelings and emotions of this role ... and it turns easily and spontaneously ... sometimes ))). In general, the game continues ... With love and gratitude to all the participants and Rama and Arunachala and the Temple (of consciousness) ...
  • Thank consciousness for what I got on a silent retreat, hosted this unique experience. An amazing journey! Many thanks to Master! Travel Program designed to trifles. Every day - a purposeful inner work, deep dive into yourself, every day something new along the way awareness KTO Ya Rama - Master - has the knowledge, everything went on his own experience, skillfully shows the direction pointed out all the subtleties, nuances, guided firmly, with care and love. During the trip, to use all the knowledge acquired from the teachers, every day posed a new challenge, on which you want to work. With four floors practices, much elaborated, re viewed on the history of life. Energy and Temple Mount Arunachala contributed to work on disidentification and awareness Ya WHO powerful strong point. Grateful for the passage of the mountain of karmic lesson - fell on the rocks, hurt his leg. She saw realized what this sign was. Grateful caves - there I realized that consciousness was sending me signs, and I was in the dark and went on about the ego. Grateful group to work on my tendencies, motivations, fears - my mirrors. Rama grateful for the approach to delivery. I give up every moment - to look into the face of fear - is not it! Everything is illusory. I realized who I was, whether there is one who asks, who is responsible? Nothing and no one - VOID. This experience can not be expressed in words - it must be lived.
  • It was an amazing, difficult, but very productive retreat .. My first acquaintance with Tyre happened 8 years ago and was filled with mystical experiences and ecstatic delight ... A trip to the master - is every minute work, awareness and action. No euphoria - only the reality and the truth about yourself ... Practice mundan was unexpected and shokovotransformiruyuschey, Razotozhdestvlyayuschey with the idea of ​​myself .. it was for me a real action, jump ... This retreat was for me to return to the path. Master has opened up new knowledge and a clear understanding of why and what to do, why so and not otherwise ... it is the explanation I needed the air. Individual work with each allowed to use such a precious time in this unique location, on effective work place ... The strength of those allowed to see the realization that caused mistrust, resistance and the way teachers. Reaffirming that a clear understanding leads to tangible results. I thank CONSCIOUSNESS, MASTER, Tiruvannamalai, and for all the gifts and the opportunity to acquire knowledge and to transform them into an experience. With the acquisition of the gifts I keep my game.
  • I went to India with palpable anxiety. But soon after I felt a powerful energy, which opens Anahata, sharpens awareness. After transformation, the fears I realized that all that will be directed to my benefit: to increase energy levels, meeting with their fears and their transformation to obtain new knowledge and awareness of the truth. I could only take all that will be sent with love and gratitude. Hard work schedule, diet, exercise, and most importantly, individual work of Rama with each player allowed to reach a new level of understanding and awareness. Now I see more clearly how to manifest the fear of death, the victim, the trends associated with them, and in what direction to go next. India itself is one of the most exotic countries that I've seen. A combination of places of power: the mountains, where he lived an enlightened master, and the temple, which is almost two thousand years, making Thiruvannamalai place where you want to go back. Sometimes, sitting on stones in the temple, I was surprised, as we all did the same. A year ago it was difficult to sit in samadhi at the Oasis in Nakhodka in ideal conditions, but now we have eight hours sitting in meditation among the pipes noise, thunder drums, crowds of people and it does not interfere with our work. These changes are encouraging and confidence. The biggest thanks goes to the frame. His vision of the way, the truth, which he opened to us on a daily basis, rigor and care enabled me to understand more deeply their way, their role and the role of the student teachers. Accept my love and gratitude.


When you really comprehend that this life and living it - absurd, you join the dance. You take part in this absurdity. body-mind organism continues to live in this world, but without any sense of personal was doing. (Ramesh Balsekar).


The Leela.



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