Chetsun Senge Wangchuk (Implementation of the Rainbow Body).

Sunday 21 May, 2023

In this series we will look at the great masters who made the transition through the phenomenon of dissolution of the body in glowing terms.

And the first of them: one of the masters of the transmission line Nyingthig, Chetsun Senge Wangchuk, who lived in the 11-12 century.

  He received this doctrine (the disappearance of space, dissolved in glowing terms) from his root guru adangme Lhungyal and also directly from Vimalamitra.

Vimalamitra appeared before him and gave him initiation and instruction, and at the age of 125 years Senge Wangchuk disappeared into space, dissolved in glowing terms. Before leaving, he gave final instructions Dakini Palgi Lodrö and sang his song.

In the 19th century there was the reincarnation of his great master Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, who remembered his past life, and once again received teachings from Dakini, brought into the world is a very important series of exercises known as Chetsun Nyingtik.

When Jamyang Khyentse (1820-1892) was 24 years old, he went to visit the holy place of USC in the province of Tsang in Central Tibet. In pure vision he clearly remembered how Senge Wangchuk (11-12 century) gained the rainbow body in this very place, and before that, he had seen during the month Vimalamitra and received from him the essence of his teaching Vima Nyingtik. Sangay Wangchuk - was one of the masters Nyingtik, which he received from his root guru named adangme Lhungyal (gnas brtan ldang ma lhun gyi rgyal mtshan), and also directly from Vimalamitra. As a result of his great achievements, while the death of his physical body is transformed into a rainbow.

Great Chetsun was the son of Che Thupey Wangpo Nyangro Nentso. Since his youth, he became familiar with many teachings. He met senior adangme Valley rhizaria Gopo. When adangme gave instructions Kharak (Gomchungu), he found them all. After the death of his master, Chetsun hid books found in the old treasury of the three separate treasures - one at the base of power in Langdro Chepa Takdra, more in Uyuke, and third in the upper valley Pers. He crossed the mountain range of Uyuka in Zhang, practicing meditation, and at this time in front of him in a dream appeared Acharya, saying:

About Lucky! I am well versed Vimalamitra.

If what you are looking for, this is the hidden essence,

On the upper slopes of Trakmar Gegong is in Chhimpu

Such a heart, the secret Heart Essence.

Take it and meditate for seven years,

It can not be seen by anyone in Oyuk Chigonge.

Then contaminated body disappears.

Hearing these words, Chetsun Chhimpu went to where the woman with the teeth of the shell and turquoise eyebrows gave him the book. Then, when he sat in meditation in a clay hut in Oyuk Chigonge, Vimalamitra actually appeared before him and gave him complete dedication, leadership and guidance for two weeks. Then Vimala master returned to Tibet.

After practicing meditation for seven years, Chetsun found freedom from any trace of materiality. He gave full instructions Tulku Zhangtonu and, at the age of one hundred and twenty five years, disappeared into the heavens in a mass of rainbow light. In the thirteenth year, after Chetsun hid treasures Rongnangda Chegom Ngakpa opened some of them, which he practiced himself and taught others. Similarly, also known Shangparepa discovery of treasures that have been hidden in Langdro Tadra Chepa, and disseminate them widely.

ransmission line

Samantabhadra - Dharmakâya

Vajrasattva - Sambhogakaya

Garab Dorje - Nirmânakâya


Shri Singh



Niang Tingdzin Zangpo

Be Lodro Wangchuk

Drôme Rinchen Bar

Adangme Lhundrup Gyaltsen

Chetsun Senge Wangchuk (11-12 century)

Further, this doctrine was rediscovered in the 19th century by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, who handed them over to the following masters:

Jamgon Kongtrul

Adzom Drukpa

Lerab Lingpa

Jampa Trinley Dzhedrung Dzhungne

Khenchen Tashi Ozer

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The Leela.



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