Nyala Pema Dudul (Implementation of the Rainbow Body).

Thursday 25 May, 2023

Our next story is about a famous Dzogchen master and tertön of Nyarong who attained the rainbow body in 1872, Nyala Pema Dudul (nyag bla padma bdud 'dul) (1816-72).

Nyala Pema Dudul Delong was born in Tang Gyalnya 10 day of the ninth month of the Fire-Mouse. His father was Khantsek Gonpo Sonam and his mother Kyi. Among his teachers was Khyentse Yeshe Dorje, Lama Sonam Tsultrim, Namgyal Tenzin Dongak, Trosur Kalzang Detsen and Choing Rangdrol.

In 1860, Nyala Pema founded the monastery Kalzang. During the consecration of the monastery, he had a vision of a thousand Buddhas of this Kalpa, the so-called "Good Kalpa", which disappeared in the place of consecration. So he named the monastery Kalzang Sangye Choling, "Thousand Buddha Dharma Sanctuary of the Good Kalpa". Early in the summer of 1872 during the holy month Sakadava fourth in the Year of the Monkey-Water Master Nyala Pema Dudul gathered his closest disciples to give them his last teaching. The place he chose for it was desolate valley Nin, which was named in honor of a rare breed of sheep in the lower region of Kham Tromkhok. When the exercise was finished in a few days they practiced COX-offering, and then asked the master to accompany him up to the hills. There he gave them the following instructions:

"Once and for all, drop marred lifestyle, which is a consequence of attachment to this life. Drop forged virtuous action motivated by the eight worldly dharmas.

Drop the view, which is just chatter; Meditation, which is incorrect and the behavior that is unwholesome.

Drop fanatical disputes and insincere help living beings, arises from the desire for fame and wealth. None of this will not the slightest reason to attain Buddhahood.

Eradicate the eight worldly concerns. Get rid of the concerns of this life; pride and self-importance.

Just take the practice of Vajrayana to heart, try to apply the compassion, and then spontaneously realized your good, and other creatures.

Then this old man's wishes will be fulfilled. It is said: "For those who have faith and devotion, Padmasambhava sleeps at the door", so we'll never part.

Please do what I say. Determined and courage! "

In the end, he honored the prayer: "Let all my life have I separated from perfect Lama ..." and then he turned to his disciples and said: "Sew the door of my tent, and do not come to it for seven days."

Some have said that the night was heavy rain and a rainbow appeared in the sky. Others said that by the end of seven days, three times there was an earthquake, the sky was in rainbows and rainbow spheres of light, heard the sound of music and the ethereal aroma filled the space. When they went up the hill most of them must have known what they would find when they open the teacher's tent. As a result, all that they found, it was the hair, nails and clothes that are still repeated body shape. Having dissolved his physical body, master Nyala Pema sold Dudul rainbow body, which is the highest achievement in Dzogchen.

Soon, Patrul Rinpoche Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo wrote:

"As a scientist aspect of the Dharma, Tulku Jigme Dodrupchen Tenpé Nima gave explanations Bodhicaryāvatāra in eight years, and as for the implementation of aspects of the Dharma, Nyala Pema Dudul just attained the rainbow body. So Buddha's teaching is not in decline. "

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