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Thursday 21 April, 2016

Ritual "Funeral" - ceremonially known to almost all people, but what does this ritual, we reveal in this article.

Let's start with the fact that Russia is an Orthodox Christian country, and accordingly, the ritual and custom of commemoration, which many of us have seen since childhood, refers to the customs of Orthodox Christianity. If we are to live in Thailand or India, we would be aware of the quite different rituals of farewell to the deceased.

So, what exactly is a wake in terms of Orthodox Christians?

 ... The hour is coming when the remains of the deceased are buried, where they will rest until the end of time and the general resurrection.

Special days Remembrance - the third, ninth and fortieth (the day of death is considered to be the first).

The commemoration of these days sanctified by ancient church custom. It is consistent with the teachings of the Church on the state of the soul after death.

The third day. Commemoration of the dead on the third day after the death takes place after the three-day resurrection of Jesus Christ and in the image of the Blessed Trinity.

The first two days the soul reposed still on the ground, passing along with her accompanying angel in those places that attract her memories of earthly joy and sorrow, good and evil deeds.

The soul loves the body, sometimes wanders around the house, in which the body is necessary, and thus spends two days like a bird seeking their nests.

A virtuous the soul goes to the places where used to create truth.

On the third day the Lord commands the soul to ascend to heaven to worship Him - God of all.

Ninth day. Commemoration of the dead on this day is to honor the nine ranks of angels, who are servants of the King of Heaven and predstatel to Him for us, intercede for clemency reposed.

After the third day of the soul accompanied by the Angel comes in the heavenly abode, and contemplates their ineffable beauty.

In this state it remains for six days. At this time the soul forget the sorrow that felt like being in the body, and after leaving it.

But if it is guilty of sin, then at the sight of the holy pleasure she begins to mourn and to reproach himself: "Woe is me! How I became vain in this world! I spent most of my life in carelessness and did not serve God, as it should, so and I qualify for this grace and glory. Alas, poor! "

In the ninth day of the Lord commanded the angels again to submit the soul to Him to worship. With fear and trembling before the throne to be the soul of God.

Fortieth Day.

After secondary worship of Lord Angels assign soul in hell, and she contemplates the cruel torment of unrepentant sinners.

On the fortieth day, the soul ascends to the third time in the worship of God, and then decided her fate - by her earthly matters assigned to the seat of Judgment.


The anniversary of the death of a loved one is always marked at least cordial remembrance of his loving family and friends.

Anniversary - a birthday party for a new, eternal life.

So is there really dead?



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