The thirst of understanding the true nature of things.

Saturday 23 April, 2016

"Open Heart" is a project of Oasis Awakening in which players, formless level, can participate in the Service of performing Karma Yoga. All consultants were and continue to be held this system of selection of an appropriate level and are engaged in a system of practical training in counseling throughout the year, holding monthly consultations for the past two years.

Meeting "Open Hearts" started with an introduction to Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali - one of the greatest religious thinkers of the Muslim Middle Ages, whose name is linked to a whole epoch in the development of Islam - was born in 1059 in Taburane (Khorasan region of Iran) in poor family wool merchant.

Only in theology it was written more than 70 treatises (though lost his 40-volume commentary on the Qur'an). All of them were devoted to the protection of the orthodox Muslim religion, criticized various heretical teachings and made the golden Islamic spiritual literature. Sam Al-Ghazali wrote that did not from a desire to earn anyone's approval, but only in the search for truth.

In his book "Freedom from delusion," written on the end of his days, he spoke in detail about his spiritual quest.

First of all, al-Ghazali says that:

'Difference of people religions and beliefs, as well as the difference between sects within the same beliefs as a result of the abundance of parties and contradictory methods like the deep sea, where many drowned and from which only a few have got. "

Nevertheless, this perspective is not scared of al-Ghazali, and he writes about himself: "In the blooming years of my life - ever since I reached maturity (and maturity I reached even before I was twenty years old), and to this time my summer is already over fifty - I'm endlessly rushed into the abyss of the deep sea, plowed as a brave man at the bottom of it, getting into the quagmire of dark matter, I rushed to meet any problem, go ahead through any difficulties learning the tenets of each party and revealing the secrets of the teachings of each sect, in order to distinguish right from false ... The thirst of understanding the true nature of things was my property and everyday desire.

It was instinct and innate quality, koi were laid in my nature by Allah against my will and without any effort into my hand ... "

Inspired by a thirst of understanding the true nature of things, the great sage, "Open Hearts began to continue learning the art of counseling training program Leela Academy.

All participants of the "Open Heart" sighting study counseling framework for training program in the third year of the Academy of Lila.

From the "Open Heart" groups Rama were selected consultants who are ready to counseling and free to participate in other service projects in the Oasis of Awakening and will take part   skype-retreat, which will be held from 30 April to 16 June 2016.




Players Academy Lila, have registered to participate in the retreat-Skype will be able to

choose a consultant, the most loved by the psycho-physics and the level of trust

and go with him to retreat during which three consultations will be held with them.

During the consultations, "Open Heart" will not only help solve the current problems of the participants of the retreat, but also accurately directed to the correct execution of practices Leela Academy.

"If I am sincere and warm attitude to the person trying to find an individual approach to it and appreciate his efforts, he:
  • implementing those aspects of identity which are suppressed before;
  • become more integrated and able to live fully;
  • It will become more similar to who he is, initially;
  • become more confident and prone to self-determination;
  • It becomes more unique and self-actualizing personality;
  • better understand others and become more tolerant, will be more effective to resist the ills of life. "

Играйте!  The Leela.



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