Approval in the Way.

Thursday 30 August, 2018

"Even the most sublime state and the most exceptional spiritual accomplishments are irrelevant if we can not be happy the most basic and usual way, if we are not able to touch each other and to the life that was given to us with our heart."

In the case of spiritual life has a value of a simple truth: we need to make sure that our path is connected with our heart.


What distinguishes those who are established in the Path of those who still have not found his path?

The key word here is to find!

Those who are established in a way they are no longer looking for! They take the path, it shall be at the mercy of and practice Sadhana (practice which orders to execute path, according to the degree of maturity of the traveler).

Those who are still in search of:

They are torn from one master to another, in search of a more effective method.

Concerned with finding only internal testing period in the rest of the time, especially the successful moments of life are forgotten and its practice.

  While those who are on the way, do not expect to stimulate stick and carrot and continue to diligently perform Sadhana, regardless of the moods and situations.

How do you think the winners are taken on the Way? Why does one manage to get out of samsara, while others are still wandering in the maze of her?

The answer is simple: look at what you're doing right now, this is what you will become in the future.

And undoubtedly participants retreats "Dive into yourself", quietly, slowly but surely moving towards the fulfillment of the main task in the game: full awakening.

To learn how to work the next group was held in the regime of total immersion in themselves, see this roundup.

  • This experience was physically and emotionally safer, easier. What once had a hard time, now there is granted (eg hours of meditation). The general atmosphere at the Oasis was harmonious, soft and quiet like Ilahinur energy is present around the clock. Work in pairs with energy Ilahinur allowed me to more clearly see the detailed manifestations illusion of fear. I think I saw how, at what point and what is the reason for the formation of allergies in the body. Need to check. Thank Hati and Pearl, who created this atmosphere.

  • At the retreat, I clearly tracked anger at himself, then discontent Razocheroovanie .... And then, a long chain of entangled: guilt, resentment, self-punishment, abandonment -grust, sadness, shame, and death alone - weakness. As soon as I feel a weakness, just to protect exposed: pride, desire for power. It should not be! The next day, joined by installing pointless to be humiliated. BUT ILAHINUR catches all the snakes of my mind. And it leads into a space where there are no thoughts, no tela.I only the eternal Now moment. For me is very important dive, THANKS.




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