From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 6 Education.

Tuesday 21 June, 2016

The nature of physical or spiritual matters each goes through the circles of the labor that man built in centuries. No sudden transitions, what people perceive events earthly lives passing before their eyes. Everything flows naturally through the circles rather than by broken lines. But just knowing opens full light, in which he sees all the links of their own and others' ways. The greatness and the meaning of life and death is not visible bodily eyes is evidence, but in the power of the explosion of love that man can from himself or exuding a absorb. (Antarova K.)

Moment of training is always conditioned by the meeting of several factors:

1. Internal willingness to acquire knowledge.

2. The need for a conductor-teacher who reveals knowledge.

3. Have the strength to realize the willingness to learn and obtain knowledge.

   If you go and want to go on their own, it always means that something you still separates the stage of maturity, which is called the pupil. It's called the rebellious stage, in which the ego is not able to bow and surrender especially in front of his weakness and helplessness.
Separate acquisition of knowledge can be dangerous. I know one girl who was starving yourself. Being in extreme asceticism, her face an expression of pain, and her body looked exhausted, like the prisoners in the concentration camps. Having seen her in six months, I did not recognize her. She was very swollen and complained of a whole bunch of diseases. That's what led independent study. She went there, not knowing where and bought something without knowing what.
I warn you that development is always the way. Way open teacher.
In order to understand whether this is your path, do not rely on the mind, and you must listen to inner feelings, whether you are in the path or not drawn.
Internal commitment and determination are required in order to be able to go through this difficult path, which will need to be able to go through many labyrinths of tests, which are also called ispytpniyami ogonёm and copper pipes.
 Yes, the tests are not only physical and mental pain (fire), but also the test of wealth, fame, honorably, power (copper pipes).

To be continued.



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испытаниями являются не только физическая и душевная боль (огонь), но и испытание богатством, славой, почётом, властью (медные трубы).

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