Article 1. Explanation of concept of Samadhi.

Thursday 16 January, 2020

The word "meditation" by origin Latin also designates no other than reflection. Therefore it isn't purely Indian.

And when it is tried to be used, do it, as a rule, in value opposite to its true value, namely about meditation spoken, as about a state the return to reflection, that is a bezmysliya, hollowness of consciousness, leaving to transcendental spheres, a stop of internal dialogue, etc. 

As for concept of a samadkha, there are two wrong tendencies of understanding of this term:

The first is a children's representation about samadkh, as about very unusual condition of consciousness which is followed by the strongest internal ecstasies, experiences, god's images, etc. and outer effects, such as bright light round the head, the escaping puffs from ears, nostrils and an anal opening of the person who fell into samadkh. 

The second extreme when, on the contrary, the person considers that he learned samadkh for a long time that in this state there is nothing special, and that it is any pleasant internal feelings. 

Actually, it is better to speak about so-called "sanyama" (a samyama, a samayama) which is transferred from a Sanskrit as "immersion in something", and this process of immersion a little as if shares on three stages: initial, average and finishing which correspond to the dkharena, the dkhiyena and Samadhi.

 Naturally, it is a subject rather difficult, and only very prepared people and only at the real spiritual school under the direct guide of the real Guru who mastered in perfection these technicians can be engaged in similar practicians. 

To be continued...




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