From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 7.Estestvennye mechanisms of self-regulation.

Tuesday 20 December, 2016

"Taking revenge a man of his laziness. Laziness burns in man's initiative. A man devoid of initiative is not much above the animal. The longer the period of idleness, the more bitter the collapse of energy in a person. A number of years spent in idleness, closes all opportunities for a person to enter one of the trails of light. For it to enter one of them can be the one in whom

flexible alive the will to work."

 (Antarova K.)

First of all, we need to understand: What is the natural self-regulation?

You can imagine the human body as a system, represented by three aspects: Spirit, Soul and Body. When I appeal to you, I, first of all, I address not only to your body but also your soul and spirit. The problem of waking and sleeping characters is that they associate themselves only with the body.

What is consciousness?

All I see is the result of work of the consciousness. What makes the Consciousness? Consciousness Work consists of two points. First - Consciousness perceives the surrounding reality through the sense organs - the five senses plus intuition. Second - all that consciousness takes, it must survive.

How to survive this?

To do this, there is a "body" - The soul that is busy because it helps to experience the surrounding reality.

   For example, you (your Spirit) you can see a beautiful flower through the senses (body) - the eyes, ears, tactile sensations, tastes, obontyanie. This information, postupaёt from the outside world. Consciousness receives the information, and soul must experience this information immediately.

For example, I look at a flower, and I get the feeling, and the soul is experiencing these feelings. I let them be, without blocking them, and they are experienced as they are.

Who am I? - Spirit, impersonal consciousness.

 For example, there is the death of a loved one. Who sees it? - Spirit-Consciousness. After what he sees? Through his eyes, he hears music, he could smell. A soul must experience it.

 There is sadness, grief, the pain of loss, but it needs to survive.

For the Spirit there is no difference, whether the soul enjoys the experience of a flower or a loved one experience of death, because it is for him: the first - just the perception of reality,

 and the second - the experience of this reality.

   When problems arise in humans?

When he sees the surrounding reality, but it refuses to worry about such as it is.

Cases of death of a loved one. Spirit sees it, and the person says, "I do not agree with this, I do not accept for such things, I refuse to worry about it!"

Thus the intelligence (the ego), who knows what should be the surrounding reality, blocking the experience of objective reality, not taking it such as it is.

Another example is the situation: a divorce, the father leaves the family. A small child (his Spirit) sees it, and the soul refuses to worry - "I do not want!". The child perceives this as a betrayal, as the injustice of leaving - he does not accept this situation. His soul could not it survive, resulting in the body formed a stable block for the rejection of such feelings, which in fact only strengthens the involvement in this man's life, the situations in which the blocked feeling enlivened again and again, as if feeling shout to him: - "Had he lived I, while living!"

 Another example, you rude. Your Spirit heard this information and the need to go through what you have done so. But intelligence (ego) does not want to experience this, and begins to defend itself and be rude in return.

When a person refuses to or stay, it does not take these events (it can be called - rejection), then formed a block in his soul. That energy, that person had to live, does not disappear. All we know from physics that the energy does not disappear and does not appear out of nowhere, it is converted from one form to another. On this is based the cycling of matter in nature.

Thus, the energy of the unlived, due to its disuse down in the body.

For what?

To be continued...



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