From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 8. The denial of life-suicide.

Wednesday 29 June, 2016

Earth is the arena of labor. But then comes the work of each? What is its value in the current day to the age-old human arena? The exact sliyannosg all this I realized only here. The greatest scheme birth, work and death - for me resulted in three new words: strength, endurance, self-control. And all three of these words vary from the most simple truths. These truths every person creates and builds them from themselves and others the way of joy. These three initial sounds to me now the truth in the words: kindness, love, loyalty. It does not matter what and how people identify these three forces. Whether it is a monk or a lay person, a savage or an enlightened writer; he met in his life of great people and went all his way in a very elementary for the development of society, it is only important that he showed them, and they are one with the people. If he built them a simple day - it reaches a meeting with the Master. He will enter not only into a single understanding of eternal life wisely. He will go down in full knowledge of the heart, that there is no death, no separation. Man, the mind to understand that we should not mourn the departed friend, yet will cry when a friend left. His tears, he will certainly be attracted to each ground. Will beat him pictures of their suffering and create him a thousand obstacles, breaking his first duty in the new world, where he was. And this only the first duty of the new world - the only one, as an eternal memory, which was escorted from the ground in a church ceremony - there are able-bodied person. That is why it is heavy in its communication is idle, does not create the age-old ways to union with the beings in all the worlds. Work the land, as the labor of the sky, individually different. The work of one another may seem idleness. And it does not matter. What is important is that Light that was discovered in a person as a result of his work. Important skills, the habit of thinking in harmony, that is, combined kindness of heart and mental flexibility. They are reconciled to. Love inseparable from the harmonious

the combination of all these qualities in a person, it is the way of living life vnёm. (Antarova K.)

Any process of rejection is not compatible with life, because life is basically kills its negation.

 Once a person that does not accept - it is partially kills himself, disrupting the natural process of life. Rejection of life events, it's like you are your own plugged nose and not breathing.

But the great self-control system causes the body to find a way for equilibrating the balance and the continuation of life, giving rise to the disease, so-called "accidents", through which the unlived feelings are lived through the sufferings of the body.

Remember, if you do not want to live the energy, as feelings, then to a person survived, it goes into the body, so you have lived it, now through bodily sensations.

In this case, the person begins to suffer, because feelings are always locked at the level of bodily sensations are accompanied by pain, due to which there is compensation. The blocked feeling finds a way through the pain of the body and thus canceled suicide and life in this body continues.

 Invisible healers say: "Love your illness, be thankful to her," because it is the disease saves you from death.

In this way, the disease balances Life Scale: 5 kg. rejection by refusing residence senses soul equal to 15 kg of living these same feelings on the level of the body through the unpleasant physical sensations, including pain.

This balance allows a person to survive.

Ha-ha! But what makes a person with the disease? He does not see and does not understand the mechanism of self-regulation, he wants to be held responsible for their ignorance and says: - "I've got to remove the disease" and begins to struggle with it "not taking reality on the level of the soul - the senses, now he does not accept the reality! and body level.

The man with the help of treatment, trying to remove the physical symptoms through which is really going on balancing, and thus confuses compensation and balancing, making a great self-control system to search for new opportunities in order to harmonize the negation of life and to continue life in this body.

  Catching the treatment, the man removes the symptoms, but the source of aversion remains in the soul and the senses blocking continues.

 Then the blocked energy is seeking a new outlet in the body, a new way of compensation.

There is a secondary compensation, which may manifest itself even more severe disease that is difficult to cure. For example, some autoimmune disease, eczema, allergy, asthma etc. If a person tries to heal and cure, and the disease, then there is a tertiary compensation - a disease that medicine is "conditional" can not cure psoriasis, imunnodefitsit - AIDS, cancer, etc.

People go from one doctor to another, but can not be cured, because they pay attention to the body and is associated with him. They have forgotten that there is a feeling and every disease there is a specific feeling that can not be accepted, and that a person can not live.

So the man running away from the responsibility referred to in prayer Frantsizka Aziskogo: "Lord, give Me strength to accept all that the coming day will bring me ..."

so I complicated my life, now it remains only a single output to return to the original simplicity of life, through the adoption of all such as it is.

Since it is impossible to cure incurable diseases, saving his life, then the person gives up and comes to God! There is his insight and remorse for the wrong understanding of the world and ourselves in it. The man begins to develop spiritually and come to an understanding that all feelings have a right to be, and that it is important to accept life as it is, it's important to live now, and many other facets of the truth. Note even a moment, doing body treatment, mankind has invented a new disease, which are called diseases resulting from treatment

 There are diseases that occur in response to treatment, but there are some diseases that are provoked by the drugs. Virtually all drugs have side effects and have a disastrous effect on the various organs ... It is well known, such as the side effects of some antibiotics as a result of which a person can lose their hearing.

Remember that the disease is a signal that for the Hunter and the Warrior is a sign!

This sign indicates that "in your perception of reality, there was a crash. You do not accept that the event is happening and do not want to live any sense, and do not want to get experience!

To be continued...



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