You yourself, the reason for your release.

Monday 27 June, 2016

Each of you knows himself how hard he suffered prior to a meeting with me. Everyone remembers well from which the infernal torments he was torn and covered with me here. But, my friends, my dear children, so ardently sends his gratitude and love me now and send them to me all the time I was there a reason your present achievements or you yourself, your work, found the strength and the ability to free up your heart to liberate its mind of prejudices and the spirit to help her catch fire and burn all the conventions, all illusions, hindering as shackles, to communicate with fire and spirit? Not I, but you, my friends, is the cause of your liberation. You yourself miners, dug up a treasure chest, first among which is the immutable world as a result of your ability to live in Rome, carrying him in his temporary form, and welcoming him as being in each counter.

(Antarova K.)

In an open satsang Okunevo finished frames.

Okunevo Village, is one of the most amazing places on the planet, where it is especially easy to get in touch with yourself.

In this place 19 to 25 June was held open satsang Rama Divine Leela.

Here Okunevo easily discard all false and invented, imagined and vnushёnnoe and remain alone with the truth, so how things are, with a clear awareness that everything is already perfect just as you are. Nothing is to be no better, or correct, in what does not need to vmeshivatsya.Pust everything flows as there are, to be replaced by itself.

Each participant satsang already walked about a particular spiritual path.

Someone was already a mature spiritual seeker, not only in this lifetime but for many previous incarnations, and someone got on the spiritual path the first time and is just beginning ...

But for all, the meeting with Rama, will be remembered above all the transfer of the final practice prior enlightenment: a non-act.
Rama said that should be very selective in the place where it is possible to transfer this knowledge and Okunevo, is precisely the place where this knowledge transfer is entirely appropriate.

There is always going to special type of people. Usually people coming in Okunevo, looking for some kind of a different reality, a kind of miracle, a certain mystique that on the way to his course there. And the people who cross the threshold of the ashram, can not be accidental in the spiritual world, and are a priori spiritual awakening.

 What is said in satsang and that means not-act?

Non-deyanie- it does not intervene in what creates consciousness, as amended mind, concepts of duty.
For that to happen, do not act, it is necessary to dissolve the doer.

In fact in the early stages, when you practice, then you are missing Consciousness through doer (self-image representation of themselves, which is called ego).

In the ego always has knowledge of what is bad and what is good. That is, it lives, being limited framework of duality, interferes with the reality of life, not allowing it to be such as it is.

But when done -deyanie not, then the feelings and all, whatever arises in the mind, no one else is trying to correct: to improve or correct ... It is in this moment and it happens so-called non-action. Everything, no matter what happened at the moment of being the one who previously estimated, no longer corrects, and just watching the experience of reality such as it is.

But that does not happen, the act you should not be identified with the false self (ego), and you have to be identified with the true self and be it.

Like sitting in meditation and in everyday life, you make a practice of not interfering in what is going on, allowing the consciousness of self-releasing through everything that happens in the potency of the manifestation and back into a potency.

Everything that happens - it's self-liberation of consciousness that you see from the level of consciousness.

 Differences between pleasant and unpleasant moments there, in the sense that they both disappear. Stay in the moment of reaction to an unpleasant moment and let it be and all sensations and feelings ... let the time be absolutely anything ...
he organizer of an open satsang Okuneva:

Oasis Awakening Rama Divine Leela.

Ashram "Omkar Shiva Dham"



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