Starting the game, be ready to finish it to the end ...

Monday 11 July, 2016

Do not start the game, if not going to

finish it to the end ... The Leela.

   The summer retreat based Leela Academy, located in the Maritime region, near Vladivostok, held the second intramural retreat with Rama, "Vipassana or accept the reality."

The participants of the retreat deeper into the knowledge of the experience of seeing reality such as it is and learn to distinguish between reality arising from the mind (the concept) and the reality of Being, which is always there.

During the retreat, with the help of the film, the players boarded the trip, during which time, learned to play realizing a game in which they found themselves as a result of the Awakening. The game entered the consciousness of their lives without warning, but then put before the knowledge: do not start the game, if you're going to finish it to the end?

As a general rule if you are a player, heard the message of the game for the first time, then this moment is the time of your start of the game, your game is just beginning and will come into the game and make the course, be ready to play. And out of the game you can only reaching its end.
Ha-ha! But where whether it is the end of the game?
What is the prize of this game: the dream of life, inspired by the Maya - "Samsara" - will dissipate, and you will see the reality, such as it is. This is the highest prize of this game!

Those who are not loyal to the Lord, it is extremely difficult to comprehend His great deeds and to see how he takes various transcendental forms, revealing in this mortal world his wonderful game.

Bhagavad Gita.




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