Note: A review how to use YouTube Rama Divine Leela channel.

Friday 29 July, 2016

On the channel, you can get to the Oasis website, if you press the button Youtube icon at the very bottom right of any page.

The channel contains all video materials Oasis. Video Channel Rama Divine Leela - is part of the Oasis Project Awakening.

During satsangs, retreats with Rama, the Oasis Awakening, conducted video recording and on Channel you can view these videos, which are grouped in popularity (number of views), and the topic into playlists.

In the News section by clicking on the window New on YouTube you can watch the latest video posted, and a list of previous video material found on the channel previously.

You can make a subscription to the Youtube channel Rama Divine Leela, to receive information about new materials placed on e-mail.

Also, you can install on a mobile YouTube application to subscribe and view the channel on this device.

 P.S. At Oasis Awakening website, organized a technology helpdesk. 

For all matters related to the site (registration on the site, editing your personal profile, difficulties in carrying out any actions in your account, sending reports, use of materials personal account), as well as if you are having problems accessing the site, please contact technical support site.

State the problem in writing and mail to:




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