Mahavatar Babaji.

Sunday 31 July, 2016

Over the last hundred and fifty years, Mahavatar Babaji, was incarnated in the human body three times. The first rumors about him appeared in the Kumaon region in India, somewhere in the mid-nineteenth century. The most famous towns of Kumaon - Haldwani, Nainital Almora and in which many people received the darshan of Babaji. He was called by different names, since no one knew his place of birth or origin, or ancestry.

Babaji was often in a very inaccessible place called Heriakhan, and this name stayed with him, and he became known as Heriakhan Baba. When he was about seventy years old, he looked like an old man and a little chubby old man. One day he changed the form of his body and became tall and lean, and in referring to him could give no more than forty years. But even this body had the property to change beyond recognition. People recognized him not so much in appearance as for the sweet smell, and how at his approach they have a sense of causeless joy, reached to ecstasy.

In 1922, Babaji was with a group of devotees at the confluence of two rivers: Kali and Gori, north of Pitoragarh, almost on the border with Nepal.

Vowing that he will return for the benefit of all mankind, he plunged into the water of the river and disappeared.

Just a few hours to be seen shining in the water, but it, too, disappeared.

But in his subtle body he often came to his devotees to bless them with his presence or help in trouble.

Those who remember him from the time, with great admiration and love talking about him sixty years later. Many of them have not lost hope that he would ever return.

There are books in Hindi, describing previous incarnation Hayrakan Baba, which lasted roughly from 1800 to 1922. Around 1800, he appeared in the ball of light in front of villagers near Hayrakana and in 1922 in front of some followers, he again turned in a ball of light and disappeared.

Way of the Lord are inscrutable, and no one in power to say when exactly Babaji has returned in a new body. In 1962, local residents saw the boy in the woods, not far from Herakhana, which seemed very advanced yogi, but no one could say exactly who He is. About time wandering in the woods and living with different teachers before Babaji once said. According to his story, you can assume that he is already forty years or more live in this new body. But his public life began in June 1970 when he appeared in a cave in Herakhane. At midnight, a group of people who came from Haldwani to hold a ritual ceremony in Herakhane saw a bright white light on the top of Mount Kailash. This ball of light, floating through the air, came down from the mountains and stopped at the cave, which is near the river Gautama Ganga. And at this point, the light began to move in different directions, and razdvaivayas connecting several times, and then disappeared around four o'clock in the morning. Several residents Herakhana came to the cave and saw a young man of great beauty. He was sitting in the lotus position, and from him in all directions came unusually bright, a brilliant light. He announced that he is the epitome of the old Heriakhan Baba. In those early days of the appearance in his new body Babaji said one resident, who was a devotee of Baba Herakahan old: - "I will leave this place in 1984". Some time later, Babaji ascended Mount Kailash, and forty-five days was in deep meditation.

Descending from the mountain, Babaji first lived in a cave, and then settled in a small cabin near the temple, which is the old Heriakhan Baba built in the early century.

In January 1972, the meeting of Babaji with a very famous saint named Baba Nantin. After the meeting, they sat for an hour in silence, Nantin Baba said to everyone: "I am only a child, and Babaji is very old. He conquered the nature of his divine powers and is an Avatar of Lord Shiva. He turned his old body into the body of the young man, and he is Immortal, managing the entire universe. "

Nantin Baba predicted that after some years he will take the body of five year old boy. Babaji left his body in 1984.

Avatar - a word that is understood in India as an incarnation of God in the human body. Many people at the first meeting with Babaji comes spontaneously to mind that Babaji - Picture of Shiva. One person at a meeting with Babaji, after a brief conversation about their problems, asked his name, what Babaji "Vishwanath", which means the Lord of the universe, or Shiva. At other times, he called himself "Mahaprabhuji" - Supreme God.

In Calcutta, there lived a very famous guru, revered by many millions of his devotees, named Shri Sita Ram Dass. He was already over ninety, and he was very weak when asked Babaji to come and give him a darshan, while he was still alive. Babaji came to Calcutta and Sri Sita Ram Dass brought on his shoulders to his darshan. Leaning at the feet of Babaji and shedding many tears, Shri Sita Ram Dass said, "Prabhu, the work that you entrusted to me, I have done." His devotees, he advised to go to worship the feet of Babaji, whom he named - Akhanda Parabrahma Omkar Bhagavan (eternal Parabrahman). He said: "It is the Lord Himself, and I - just His servant." For simple and childishly naive people who met with him and lived in his ashram, he was just their favorite Babaji. And none of the titles and epithets can not explain or interpret the life-giving devotion and endless love of his disciples. And the Bole no adequate words that could describe His limitless divine love to everyone.

The Master is a decisive factor for the awakening of the soul. When the soul feels unbearable sweetness that comes from touching eternity in the form of the beloved Guru, - the balance, which is the soul, captivating dramatically alter ignorance intelligence. To deserve the mercy of the Master - the only correct desire of any person, and the implementation of this goal dispels the darkness of folly.

Babaji used to say: "There is no knowledge without a Guru, there is no spiritual progress without the grace of the Guru."

Those who Babaji took an apprentice, he gave "Dhan Abhiyan", which means - "the protection, the giver of fearlessness."

When a person feels protected, he fears nothing and capable of anything.

Fearlessness, this is the way to union with the Divine, and the soul comes into the human body to learn to overcome fear.

In the absence of fear comes the love in your heart and clear the mind.

Fear holds the whole world in thrall, and grace of the Guru - the only antidote. "The flame of love - the true form of the Lord, and heart - his temple. Keep your hearts pure. "

 I - Bhole Baba (Simple Father).

I have no one and nothing.

I'm just a mirror in which you see yourself.

I like fire. Do not move away from the fire so far,

not to lose his sense of warmth.

But not too much to go near it, because you can burn.

Learn to observe the appropriate distance.

My name - Mahaprabhuji (Great Lord)



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