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Tuesday 16 August, 2016

Do not assume that, having achieved once and for all, full of self-control, you can leave it at that at least for a short time. No full self-control does not protect the human body from the possibility of being shocked by certain events, if even for a moment the spirit of man hung up

with someone, alive and powerful, it is in itself.

(Antarova K).

Last weekend ended with another retreat in the heart of "Samadhi" Oasis Awakening.

The participants of the retreat to dive within, using energy Ilahinur being in special retreat center environment, continuing to move towards the center of the axis is not affected wheel of Samsara.


The great Chinese physician Sun Simiao (... Years 581-682 BC), who lived 101 years, perceptively described the progress of the human personality problem in his "recipe for a priceless gold":

"As a young person does not understand Tao.

In middle age, he hears a lot about Tao, but does not apply in practice what hears.

When he gets old, he sees the truth of the Tao, but is too weak to act according to it. "

Players Leela Academy, hear and timely use DAO in practice! About how they do it, read this article.


  • Work on the illusion of the fear of death has taken a new turn: the death receded into the background, and it turned out that the character is afraid of life. Mind Character afraid of losing control, to surrender and live whatever life sends (emotions, feelings, sensations). Therefore, on the retreat's character trying to be in the moment here and now and totally live. At times it seemed that I could feel every cell, muscle, etc., and all this hurt. The feeling is not pleasant. But the main character consciously let it be a leak. Self-consciousness at the same time I am looking at it from the side and watched as the mind has created this senseless, destructive fear, which destroys the body. The work was very intensive. Houses can sit for five hours, but you can not get such intensity. Working with Ilahinur in pairs works wonders. Thank silence. Work with the person who knows is a great success, it is very valuable for me. She inspired me and awakens. Thank you Pearl. It is invisible and inaudible created all conditions for the work for us. I thank all the participants. warm and productive atmosphere has been created. Rama special thanks.

  • Gift 1. I understand I have a negative mentality, I'm bad to himself, reproach and blame, but it and get pleasure. I notice the habit then suffer from it. And I saw that do not want to stereotype the internal state of enlightenment - it is a pleasure for the mind, catching his desire to enjoy this suffering. Gift 2. I saw how important it is for me now to be trusted and time. What you need to respect and return to the spiritual part of themselves to God, Love ... I understood that from the public can not get the energy, it's always the PA. THANK YOU FOR FRAME CARE, FOR SPIRITUAL EDUCATION.

Accommodation experience on the retreat "Dive into yourself" left another deep notch in Consciousness. In the center of Oasis Awakening as ever in the face of Pearls Consciousness is surrounded by care players love and comfort, tasty and wholesome food, which was easily digestible and provide energy and power for internal operation.

Players were each at their own pace, knowing that can not escape, it is necessary to live this experience again and again, creating a field of activity and for my "intriguing." He whips out his "victim" in a series of thoughts, and the interaction with the energy produced Ilahinur (especially when paired) magical metamorphosis with this whiner. And then there is a desperate courage, bravery and deep awareness that actually lost ?! What would happen if all this is invented by me - Consciousness. And then "itchy" - a last effort: "Yes this is another concept that you are retreating from fear!" No, surrender the ego position took place, because the blocks were transformed in the body, was the adoption of the energy flow from the inner peace and tranquility. Speaking, the act or omission occurred naturally as if someone invisible directed all this, and the character and did not resist letting her have imperfection. And all it dissolved in a vacuum, and this, who felt the suffering, and those who supposedly make him feel fear. This is a dream, this is my (Consciousness) game! To know the sharpness of life, a variety of colors dualities. Ha Ha! And remember the details of the transition experience. Thanks Path Master experience service that gives gift - a deep knowledge of who I am, the players, who accompanied me in this season, the team Leela Academy.

Experience Gifts ...

Each new time something is learned, something opens. And now on this unique retreat there was something ... Ilahinur - truly divine energy that creates. On the way is the fear! One can see how the body is bound by them, you can see how the mind does not go through this fear he himself invented. Infinite Thanks. Words remain less and less ...

It is known that the actions in this winning efforts of the past, or the past can ruin the moment, if it is strong; but always purposeful human effort can defeat even the mighty past karma.

Indeed, the fate of going down to us from the gods and to the benefit of both worlds, there's nothing else like our own past efforts.

That this is so, there is no doubt the wise. But those ignorant who think that fate is impossible to resist, come only to destruction.

Only through their own efforts both worlds set in motion, and yesterday's misconduct cleared correct actions in nastoyaschem.OM.



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