From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 9. Internal maturity.

Tuesday 23 August, 2016

The spiritual power of the people - all "miracles," and all dreams come true when the power of the spirit and heart are. If a man went on the road of knowledge, it should not succumb to superstition or stop halfway because he feels "incredible" or that of the actions or events they observed.

Antarova K.

With the knowledge of the Self-Regulation, each of you will be able to again and again to discover the rejection of reality and always solve your problem on the level of the body through the acceptance of reality such as it is now.

From experience:

In humans, eczema on the palms. After using a self-examination, one realizes what is his rejection of life, specifically concerning this self-regulation mechanism through the eczema on the palms and reaches the level of acceptance, his skin, maybe even immediately change the color and signs of eczema may disappear before our eyes .

Most importantly, what people must learn in life - is to learn how to achieve inner peace through independent self-regulation, because in a state of harmony, he begins to hear the voice of God and always do at the moment is the best choice for him.

What determines the accuracy of your best choice? From how much more in tune you are in the moment of choice. The more you razgarmonizirovany, the greater the likelihood that your choice will lead you to the experience of continuing disharmony experiences.

The Japanese say: "The stress will never make a choice, do not take decisions, do not tell anyone of words." Any of your decision in a state of stress, said to be erroneous. Take a break. Count to 10. And then consciously bring yourself into a state of inner harmony.

The Academy Lila, we learn to behave in times of stress and in the same ways as the right to withdraw from the strong stress conditions.

To learn how to notice and come disharmony to harmony, first of all you must become a hunter.

You need to learn to notice when and where there is discomfort in the body. Discovered discomfort will testify to the fact that in the soul there is some rejection of reality.

And the first thing we have to learn to do in the way of Hunter - is to learn to listen to your body. Once you learn to ignore the discomfort, you need to continue to give a clear description of the condition.

If a person has not learned these skills Hunter, he may suspect that it is something not accept and years is to decide, but the fact that he just can not describe, and call that for the discomfort he feels he can not and decide. The ability to accurately describe and name your problem - it is one of the hallmarks of personal power.

Education at the Academy of Lila primarily involves regular independent practice hunter and warrior.

The objective of the Academy students at a grade not save others, as we used to do it, forgetting about themselves, and above all, to save themselves, solving in the first place their own problems.

In the words of St. Seraphim of Sarov: "Save yourself and thousands around you will be saved." While studying at the Academy of Lila you indicated primarily engaged in its development, and again and again detecting rejection and disharmony in the soul, come to accept and agree with reality through the transformation of energy in the body.

And then ... after a while, after your changes miraculously changed the life around you.

In order to hear the voice of God, we need inner maturity and if it is, then you will hear it and it'll go over the inner The Call.

It is known that this inner maturity can manifest itself differently in humans. Other and not mature at a ripe old age, while some young people are already very mature and wise souls.

To be continued.




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