Article 2. And again, what such Samadhi?

Wednesday 22 January, 2020

Samadhi is a state at which the idea of own identity disappears (but not consciousness) and there is a unity perceiving and perceived. 

Samadhi are that state reached by meditation which is expressed in tranquillity of consciousness, removal of contradictions between internal and external the worlds (subject and object), merge of individual consciousness as a microcosm with the space absolute as makrokosmy. 

Samadhi — the last step bringing the person closely to a nirvana.

In order that the person endured this state, it is necessary simply to allow it to happen, cease to resist the natural. However for most of people of one this idea happens insufficiently. 

For such cases there is a number of exercises which or give the chance to the person gradually to get used and accept this state, or bring the person to some kind of catharsis, in that case the person loses opportunity to resist and samadkh is shown "without demand".

 "Why the consciousness wakened again comes back to that wheel which it already surpassed? Why it repeats again and again at this stage of the movement to self-realization?

Because samskara (images and impressions) which it rejected, still are present at its "mechanism" (body) in the sleeping state and arise in his consciousness every time when he relaxes or temporarily stops the efforts.

While these seeds stay there in the sleeping state, they don't "ignite" and remain unnoticed … but at any suitable opportunity they sprout".

And a samadkha with seeds the practician "is reached" by means of some types "spiritual"; meditating "I" it seems what exactly it carries out them.

There are samadkh in which didn't remain seeds which is "beyond" and isn't a state.

When Nisargadatta Maharaj (the clarified master of an advayta) was asked: "You stay in Samadhi?" — he answered: "No, the Samadhi — this state, and I isn't in any state".

Samadhi without seeds simply appears — to be exact, disappears (difficultly to put it into words); but there are any no "I" which is engaged in it.


 In other words, all conditions of a samadkha — it states; and all conditions of a vremenna...

In Samadhi, we in one and too time are in our deepest concentration and in our highest meditation.

In Samadhi, we move to truth which was seen and felt in meditation, we become completely uniform with it.

When we meditate, we will surely feel Infinity, Eternity and Immortality in ourselves.

But when we in Samadhi, we will see that ourselves - Infinity, Eternity and Immortality.

 Samadhi are meant by our conscious unity with the infinite eternal absolute.

In Samadhi, the Creator and creation loving and the beloved learning and cognizable become uniform.

In Samadhi, we become uniform with the Creator and we see the whole Universe in ourselves. At that time when we look at own existence, we don't see the human being. We see something similar to a light source, rest and pleasure.

In Samadhi, everything merges in one stream of consciousness. 

In our highest Samadhi, we feel that we - that other as consciousness, we one with the Absolute. 

But in our highest meditation there is a dynamic movement proceeding in our consciousness. We completely realize that occurs in the inner and outside world, but the events have on us no impact.

 In Samadhi, also we aren't subject to influence of that occurs in the inner and outside world, but all our existence became an integral part of the Universe which we contain deeply in ourselves.

In space prospect the situation in which we find ourselves, is the drama in which we – are the sleeping actor playing all roles. 

We go through life, sometimes without realizing that fact that everything is game of God. 

For awakening from this drama the ENLIGHTENMENT which conducts to release serves!

 To be continued...   




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