From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 10: Selection of the way.

Tuesday 06 September, 2016

I urge you to complete and maintain the courage of self-control.

What do you mean complete composure in the terrible moments?

This means preserving the full disability body.

This means have the effect of fidelity to extinguish the excitement even close to reaching.

Did you save the power of self-control in this terrible night?

Have you been to the end of courageous and devoted to the construction and approval of life?

Did you answer all your heroic tension forces come a time trial,

when it was necessary to act, and not to hesitate?

Antarova K.

At a certain stage of life, each of us need to consciously decide to choose the path.

The path is of great importance in the life of every human being.

There are various ways. You certainly know that every path leads somewhere.

Inscrutable are the ways of the Lord, but somehow, fate itself is pushing us to a certain point in their lives to take the path.

  • There are sophisticated ways, are those who are most directly, but fast enough. They require maximum perfection by walking on it.
  • There are ways that are not so complex, are devious paths, bypassing, and they are durable over time. Searchers are long indulgirovat their weaknesses, gradually maturing to a determination that leads to perfection in the way.

     Usually people start to come into contact with a variety of ways when trying to solve their health problems with non-folding relationships, some problems with work, and sometimes just out of curiosity, and someone wants to achieve their potential.

When we go on the road, we need to first of all ask ourselves the question: "Where am I going?"

As a rule, the spiritual path, first of all, lead to its own power source - our web, skeleton - Spirit.

We are all born in one degree or another non-conducting, and when we find some acceptance of reality, then, together with him, and we find some kind of block, which does not give the body the energy transmitted from the source (the Spirit).

When we block the adoption of such a reality as it is, we are at this moment deny the Spirit and thereby create themselves deprivation from it. But when we live in harmony with the fact that there is as it is, we are in the Spirit, we feel the energy of life as a burst of energy.

But as soon as we have something we do not accept, a person once there is apathy, fatigue. Either the destructive emotion of anger.

Thus, rejection of the events, the rejection of life situations, leads a person to the fact that he lives in conditions of energy deficit. And if the deficit continues for several or even many years, it means that a person can not take full advantage of its potential energy.

Thus, a person at a certain age starts to feel dissatisfaction with life, because its potential is not disclosed.

If you have good communication with the spirit, you have a lot of energy, you can realize itself and you have enough time to think not only about survival but about beauty, about how you can serve the people, his mother - the Earth, Universe.

Walking along the path, you will not always be easy and sometimes be difficult to bear. For ease of being you need to come with your regular internal practices. Sooner or later, you have to come to such an understanding, and all the time learn to accept life as it is - it is the task of each Soul incarnated in the body.

If we do in life will only be focused on the fact that time and again come to accept all this as it is, then we of anything will not need to worry, because then we will be in contact with his Spirit, and the Spirit is our inner core, which implements all what we really need in every moment of our existence.

   When we are in a state of harmony, we hear the voice of God, our true self, and then life unfolds in us, without our obstacles to this.

In this case, we do not need to strain to live, we do not need to think "how to live?" "What to do in life?" since such questions from people who are in the spirit simply does not arise. Such people are and just do it with love.

But as soon as there is a rejection of human life, at once forgets "who am I?", "How to live?", "Where to work?", "What to do?" and at the same time, the so-called people's opinions in this state, man has become very suggestible not internal voice of God, and an external voice.

At this point, a person does not have its values, has no contact with your inner source, he loses his footing. A light leads to suggestibility imperceptible substitution of true spiritual values ​​in the temporary material and makes him do something he really does not want to. He can go up against himself, against his nature, and of course comes to unbearable suffering.

And this suffering oddly enough is exactly what he needs, since it then spodvigaet him to seek his lost, lost internal power - Spirit.



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