Game Travel Blog. South Korea 2016-2 part.

Monday 26 September, 2016

Continued ...

Day 8. In the woods hug.

After a 20 km distance climbing the mountain today, participants had to walk 10 km distance, extending the healing particular route.

Players welcomed the spirit of the forest and set up on his healing richest resources. Nature retaliatory welcomed the players and presented to a meeting with the fawn, walks nearby and friendly had come up to the players. And in the evening, played enough in the literal sense of different games, the players went to the main meditation retreat in the temple.

Day 9 Along the coast.

Today we have been one of the most scenic parts of the coast of the island. The simultaneous contemplation of the forest, the seashore, breathing a cocktail of sea and forest air, as well as a sunny, clear weather nevertheless trained players remain untouched beauty of the outside world.

In the evening, we went for a walk to the waterfall, visiting a small island on the way.

10. Every Day weather grace.

Today, according to the forecast the weather be rainy day, but contrary to the forecast, the weather was sunny and the sky is cloudless.

On this day we went to visit another temple known to us, located in a very beautiful place.

Meditation in the church always particularly deep and adjusts to the presence of by revitalizing emotional experiences.

Employees of the church welcomed us very warmly and we bestowed gifts with a warning "not to sleep during meditation" :)

And after dinner, we were engaged in the work of creating your own hands a gift to the owner cubby in which we lived during the retreat, and which had a wonderful time under his cordial attention and care.

In the evening we went to play again. Played totally, keeping detachment and later went to say goodbye to the temple, the main venue of the island retreat program.

Day 11. From the island to the peninsula.
Today we had a flight to the mainland, rapid adaptation and farewell to the temple in Seoul ...
The culmination of the cultural program of the gaming journey was a visit to a concert of opera singers.

Day 12. Visiting is good, but ...
Today woke up as usual at 5:55, went outside and enjoyed doing exercises, breakfast, meditated on the terrace, and went to the airport.

Players fly in different directions, carrying with it the power train of covered retreat. The third game trip spent in the form of an unusual 12 day retreat ended. Well, what gifts were able to gather the participants of the retreat, we learn with you in the next article.





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