At the End of the Night the journey. Preface to the book.

Thursday 10 November, 2016


Since the release of the book printing  "To see the face of God", I began to receive letters from people who say that the history of the Omega is very similar to their own. People wrote that the quality of Omega, do not take the reality, such as it is inherent in them, and that the book has helped them to look differently on the process of illness and death.

In a new book, I want to tell you more about how the preparation for the final transition to the Omega.

It seems to us that the misery and misfortunes happening somewhere far away in Ecuador, back in the world of the TV screen and to elude us, that all these troubles and misfortunes never affect us and our loved ones.

We live in a quiet own little world and think, hopefully, want to believe that it will be stable, only a successful and progressive and will give us joy and pleasure.

But when trouble comes our life, that which had seemed possible only in the characters from the TV screen, we must, first of all, to wake up from the dream in its close and convenient world. Bede makes us look for a new foothold, and for this we have to first of all get rid of their ignorance.

The disease is cancer - is spreading rapidly throughout the world and, faced with this diagnosis, a person inevitably feels the fear of death.

For what? Why me? How to be? What to do?

According to the cold-blooded statistics, a certain percentage of people cured of cancer and continue to live many more years, the proportion of people seeking short-term remission, but continue to live the rest of his life in fear of resumption of a new attack of the disease and ultimately cancer really attack again and now deadly. And a certain percentage of people after the diagnosis of this disease die quickly ...

This book is not designed for the average person, because it is not directed to indulge in such childish ideas such as: to extend the life of a man, save from the disease and does not carry prescription of healing from cancer. The average person just does not understand what she was.

This book is for awakening from the sleep of ignorance souls who live in search of his true nature.

It is addressed to the Enlightened, we are on the verge of complete surrender and identify itself with the illusory notion of the ignorant themselves.

And like the "Tibetan Book of the Dead", the book "Journey to the End of the Night" - prepares the spiritual seeker to the great illusion of life - death. Death is only the experience of the ego. Whereas in fact, even the physical body does not die, it simply undergoes transformation and is transformed into other chemical elements, while continuing to exist as a part of other material forms.

And the one who you really are, makes a transition to another world.

Cancer as a disease is always a divine gift that awakens the means and prepares a person to knowledge transfer.

Remember, in our world is the rule: It's not what you think.

P.S. Now the book is on the stage of the primary edition. Before publication, the book has to go is still a long preparatory process. Every time editing the text, I feel extraordinary strength identify itself with illusory I, generating the visible world. Omega was the only one to date, of those whom I have ever accompanied immediately ready for the transition, and all that we had done, there was a 100% close to the reality of the approaching transition. He did not have any front or two years of life in the body. Every time engaging with it in practice identify itself, we understand that the transition can happen at any time. Life took away from him all hope, stay in a dream and moved to the final jump full awakening. For the perfecting of the jump arch important training and Omega the last two years spent in the intensive preparations for the transition ... To learn how to have passed these two years and will be a new book, "End of the Night Journey." With Love, Rama.



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От одного предисловия мурашки по коже:) Жду книгу!

11.11 16:31

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