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Tuesday 28 November, 2017

Very soon will start fifth Remote Winter Games.
Registration for the retreat has already begun and will last until 1 December inclusive.

Remote play is a very important tool with which Leela Academy student is able to play continuously, in all circumstances and in all conditions ...

Over the past 9 years, holding a remote gaming (only the fifth time they are held in the form of Winter the Remote games) party is going through a very difficult life dramas, such as divorce, infidelity, death of loved ones, loss of a job, moving to another country, the disease could through these situations as life draws and playing, gaining personal power, perceiving any difficulty as a challenge, and accompanied by a guide carefully stalked the merger with destructive emotions, and out of these identifications through a transformation and play.

It is difficult to explain how to play those who are truly players. It is either given or not. Initially PLAYER has the qualities that allow him to play, but yes it will play in any situation. Well, training practices and techniques only makes it more delicate game.

On the Remote Fifth Winter Games have changed a little self-evaluation of the rules of the game, so in this article, we encourage you to read them to all potential participants in games.

Before rearrange report, you need to evaluate your play in a game against the following criteria:
The initial number of points per game in each game of 10 points.
To these 10 points you can add or subtract points for playing the game.
Criteria for assessing the game in a game:

1. Timeliness assignments.

In a game in each game is given 5 days. + 1 day on the shipment, a total of 6 days.

To accurately count the days kolichesvto game in his diary you write a report on days:


1 day games

2 day games, etc.

When played by the 5th day of the game, you send a report (on the second day) and proceeds to play the next game.

For delayed sending reports (late) you take off from the original ten (minus 2 points).

2. In the event of repeated delays reports. Timing in the game game will be first: cut. Explore write that due to the delay of writing reports and keeping up with the main group of players to play in subsequent games will be first given 4 days (at the ongoing delays) - then 3 days.

3. If the reports are still coming with a delay, the guide says that in order to maintain the tempo of the game and stay with the group, the player will miss the game in one or two games (depending on the backlog from the main group). In this case - the remote game, the player will be required in the future to play again.

4. Perform all tasks past game: for each failed task shoot - 2 points.

5. Regular execution practices (morning and evening)

· Level Hunter 20 minutes

· Warrior Level 30 to 60 minutes

· Missionary level by 50-60 minutes

· Level Formless player 60 minutes

If during a game to game, you missed (a) at least once, in the morning or the evening performance of the practice (or made less than the specified minimum time), then take off minus - 4 points.

6. You can add a plus one point for each episode of the game that you have noticed in this game and playing the game (scores are counted only if the game played the episodes described in the report). If the report has no description gaming scenes - points do not count.

7. You can add + plus 4 points, if you did the morning and evening meditation without gaps during the game period).

So, to complete the report   on the site's forum
Fifth Winter Remote Game: Prove the number of points that you scored in the game into the current game.
Write need decoding, a calculation as follows:

In the first game:
10 (original score) + 4 points (regular execution practices) 5 points (game episode) - 2 points (does not hold a single job game) = 17 points.
For example: in total you can dial
6 game 10 - 2 (delayed dispatch report) 1 (game episode) 1 (game episode) 1 (game episode) -4 (skipping practice) = 7 points.

7 10 1 game (game episode) 4 (a practice carried out without permits) 1 (game episode) = 16 points

The next stage of self-esteem, which also need to be described at the forum in this game, it

Evaluation of your RETURN GAME in that game.

Each report do you think he (a), the degree of their impact on the 100% scale of the game, for every day and for the week as a whole. Maximum output of 100%. Minimum efficiency of 1%.

For example,

     5 game game I played with returns of 79%.
     6 game game - 85%
     7 playing a game 60%
     9-playing game 99%
On the remote gaming is a new rule:
Comments to the report will be sent only
1. With regular practice
2. shipment and timely reports.
See the Remote at the Winter Games.




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